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  • Sorry been away from the forum ages!

    Greyson's great thanks - took his first steps yesterday - but keeps running away from me when I try to get him to do it again haha (holding on to the wall of course)! Is Sophia on her way now?

    Hope your morning sickness is better this time around btw!

    Anyhoo, take care xxx
    Hi Jayjay,

    Just noticed your signature in one of the "Am I Pregnant" threads and just wanted to say a massive congratulations!!!! Wow, a little brother or sister for Sophia - you must be over the moon!!

    Anyhoo, take care,
    Lou xxx
    Hey, congrats on the birth of little Sophia! I know ur from Belfast, I just wanted to ask if u went 2 the Royal? Wondering if they tell u the sex at the 20week scan. I'm going to post a thread but thought I'd ask a few local people first! xx
    Hi, yes I use Tapatalk, its an app you can buy for blackberry and iphone. It costs around £3ish.

    Im so sorry I've just seen this now, I normally dont use the computer for this site, just my phone, and you cant see visitor messages on tapatalk.

    If you search 'tapatalk' on your apps section, it will come up. Its a good app, but I have problems posting pics to the forum from it, and it looks totally different from the website.

    You can use other forums from it too, if you're a member of another forum that supports tapatalk :)

    Hope this helped.
    Hi jayjay hope you don't mind me asking but have seen under ur comments 'reply by blackberry using tapatalk' well something along the lines of that lol.

    Is this an app for PF??

    Coming on PF on my phone is taking ages and uses up a lot of my battery soo was just wondering how u replied, posted etc :)

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