Granny at 42!

My mum's 66 and is getting really excited about the prospect of being a grandparent. I told her the big news on the day we went to scatter my granny's ashes on a beautiful day in the sussex countryside, which seemed kind of fitting.

Last night she started knitting a cute little froggy hat for the bubba...aawww!
my mum is 47 and she expected to be a nana sooner too as im 24 but my brother is 29 so she was expecting grankids via him! but I am the first to be married and pregnant! my mum was 19 when her and my dad started their family so I come from a young family too!

most people these days are seriously shocked by me being married and expecting at my age!
I love having a young mam i can nick her clothes and we are more like sisters really close xxx
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My LOs great granny is 61! I think I just have a very young family lol Im hoping we can get 5 generations on the go at one point :D
My Mum is 51 tomorrow, she had me when she was 21. This bubba will be her 3rd Grandchild, she was 48 when the first 2 were born (17 days apart). My Dad died a few years ago now but we weren't close and I hadn't seen him for years. He was 15 years older than my Mum so would have just turned 66 last August!

My OH's Mum is 54 next Friday and his Dad will be 54 on Christmas Eve. This will be their 1st Grandchild :)

My mum was 34 wen I had my eldest...she's 46 now and this will b her 7th grandchild xx
My mum was 50 when she had her first grandchild, tbh I think she wished she had of been one sooner :lol: Needless to say, my sister had her son, and then she had another 2 grandsons within 9 months of eachother so she's chuffed to bits now! I love the thought of being a young granny xx
My mum is 47 and this is her 3rd grandchild i made her a granny for the first time at 41 and shes the best nana in the world.

Mrs.S- im 24 and married aswel ppl allways look shocked when they find out me and my husband have been together 8 years only got married this year tho, I only look about 18 most of the time tho so iv had my fair few tuts and wierd looks when im walking with my daughter who is nearly 6 they must think I had her at 12 lol!!! xx
My mum is 57 and this will be her first - she has wanted to be a nan for ages :)
A friend of mine had her great GREAT granny until a few years ago, they all had children v young.. How amazing is that x
My mum was 45 when i made her a nan and she loves it she will be 59 with this one and this will be her 13th granchild and she is as excited as she was with my 1st. My brother has just done IVF and i am so hoping it works she had the eggs put back in on monday my mum is on tender hooks so hoping that they get their 2nd child and she gets her 14th grandchild. My sister hasn't had any kids yet so there will be more to come. MY hubby worsried though about being made a grandad in his 30's he has adopted my oldest 2 children and he is younger than me so if our eldest has a baby at 20 he will be 34 me not to bad i will be 39.

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