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  • Hey Hun, hope your both ok. Haven't spoke in a while! How much does Orlando weigh now? As him and Harry were born the same day :) Harry was 12lb 13oz Tuesday (3rd) xxx
    Hi hun, didnt mean to out you with new name! Was just worried as not seen you posting for a while. Hope you and Orlando are doing well xxx
    Hiya, your inbox is full again, let me know when you've made some space and I'll e-mail you my address :)
    Hi Honey, I would love to buy the doppler from you! your PM box is full though so I cant send you another message :)
    Hi, just to let you know I'm going to send you a msg on FB re the support thing as I can't figure out the messaging on here x
    How are things with you hun? i often think about you cos I know you've had a difficult time.
    I find it hard to read the threads on Tri 1 and Tri 2 where I would've been but it doesn't mean I don't care cos I really do.
    I wish you all the luck in the world :)
    Its your time to be a mummy hun :)
    Big hugs.
    x x x x
    Hey MrsMc, hope everything went well with your scan today and alls well with LO, how are you? xx
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