Granny at 42!


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Aug 22, 2010
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Just wondering how everyones parents are taking the knowledge they are going to be grandparents for us pregnant with our first?

My mum is only 42 and her facebook status today was telling everyone how thrilled she was that shes going to be a granny without a single grey hair!! lol x
My mam is only 37 lol she is chuffed now and put it on her status :) i cant believe how excited she is xxx
My mums 44 and she expected to be a grandparent sooner! She was so excited and I think shes happy that shes a young granny :)
How cute that she is bragging on facebook! My parents have already been grandparents 5 times over, but since I am their little baby, they were thrilled to hear about us having our first :)
My mum was 43 when I had Jacob. 44 when I had Leo and has just turnt 45 :)
Wow you all have young mum's! This is my first baby and my mum is 73!! Looooooooool xx
wow is she really 73 amanda?? My mum had me when she was about 19 and im only 22 so we have a young family.

I think its fa to have kids young though - ive been able to go clubbing and stuff with my mum and its fab! I hope i can do the same with my kids! x
OMG Shauna....I'm nearly the same age as your Mum!!!! I feel old xx
My mums 46 and loves it!! She looks like shes going to burst into tears with pride when she holds liv some times!! xx
Awwww sweet! My mum is 53 and she's so excited which I've been totally surprised about :)
My mum was 40 when i had Adam and she couldnt of been happier :) x x

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When I had my son my Mum was 38 - after the shock she stopped telling me she was too young to be a nanny and loved it! She will be 50 when this one will be born lol

OH's Mum will be 59 and this will be her first Grandchild, OH's Grandparents are in their mid 80's and this will be their first Great Grandchild!

It's all so exciting for his family....they are driving me nuts! lol x
My mum is 50, will be 51! Was a bit of a shock at first as im still in uni, and this wasn't planned etc but she is over the moon now! xxx

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