EllieBump didnt make it *Pictures of our Little Darling*

i'm so so sorry, thinking of you all. he looks a cutie in the pics x x
my condolences guys - he is beautiful.
Take care of yourselves and be strong :hug:
I'm so sorry for your loss :hug:

Thanks you for sharing your pictures, he's beautiful :hug:
i just received a txt from JP and Andrea and they want to say hi to everyone and thankyou for all your thoughts and kindness.

they are doing a bit better today and are making the most of their time with Casey :hug:
that is the worst news, so sorry for u all xxx
Oh i'm so so sorry to hear this :cry:

Casey is beautiful.

Your all in our thoughts and prayers :hug: :hug:
So sorry for your loss, he is a beautiful little boy, take care of yourselves
:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
so sorry to read this after all you have been through - will keep you all in my prayers :hug: :hug:
Just seen the pictures; he is absolutely gorgeous. Sounds like the hospital are being fantastic - I'm so pleased you've been able to spend time with him.

I'm still devastated for you both :hug:
He's absolutely beautiful, its nice you have been able to spend time together. Take care of yourselves x
Just wanted to say thankyou to all of you for your support and lovely messages.
He is beautiful and looks very peaceful. It must have been a shock finding out he's a boy :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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