Am I having an ectopic preg. Please help?


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May 10, 2012
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Hi ladies.

I am looking for some advice from anyone who may have been through what I am going through now....

I'm 7weeks pregnant and booked in for a private scan as I had an operation in April I was slightly worried I could have just been pregnant then and to try and determine dates. The scan showed no baby :( but the lining f my womb was thick ready for a baby the sonographer sent me straight to a and e as she couldn't rule out ectopic pregnancy.... Hospital did bloods and sent me away saying that maybe I wasn't as far n they would keep testing hormone levels as I had no bleeding or other signs. They've since rang though to say my hormone levels are high and a baby should be seen by now although I'm not convinced on dates... I'm going in for emergency scans tomorrow but I am just so worried everything I have read seems to lead to me having ectopic pregnancy previous sections and surgery. I also keep getting stomach cramps :(

Does anyone know when a baby would be shown how far along etc. Thanks xxxx
Im really sorry to read this honey. I had a matural mc not an ectopic so cant really help on that count. I hope for the best for you! Xxxxx
I haven't had any pains in shoulder but I do get pains in my stomach there quite widely spread though and feel more like muscular if that makes sense. Like I'm really tense, I also get pains like I have an upset stomach when I don't but the operation I had was to do with pancreasitus so I'm not sure what is what.

Really sorry for your loss Laura and thank you very much. Xx
When i had my ectopic it felt very muscular, but just on my right hand side, i was in agony for about 20 minutes and then be fine for the rest of the day, i also blead a little looked like old blood but watery like prune juice (sorry TMI).

Think to see anything on the scan i think its HCG levels of 1000+ thats when they started seeing my ectopic!

If you have any other symptoms please phone A & E ectopics are not something to just leave i was very lucky i didnt need my tube removing and was treateed with methatrexate!

Good luck will have my fingers crossed that you have a shy bean!

I had a suspected ectopic at 5wks with no way my dates were off as we had treatment.
They couldn't see my baby at 5.3 weeks with hcg of 5245 but did 2 days later just a 7mm sac in the right place.
At 7 weeks they have only seen a growing sac and yolk inside it with levels now 28k dating 2 weeks behind but it is in the right place!
I think u should see a fetal pole at around 5.5 weeks and a hb at around 6-6.5 weeks but I have read on here some ladies they havnt seen nothing ( 6 weeks then at 7 seen a fetal pole and. A hb, I have never had a ectopic just mmcs but I just wanted to say I hope it all works out ok for you xxx
Just been through something very similar. I had high and rising levels of hcg and should have been around 6 weeks when they couldn't find anything in uterus but saw some swelling around one tube on scan. I was given methotrexate at this point and then had 2 weeks of hell and taking bloods every 48hrs and having regular internal scans and did end up losing the pregnancy.

It is very frustrating waiting, but at the end of it all that is all you can do, using this site to vent frustration and get support from others who understand.

I really hope you are just earlier than you think and it ends up ok, but it is a case of having to just wait it out.

Fx for you. x

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