miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies


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Jun 4, 2005
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hello all, i have just joined. i have just suffered a misacrriage at 5 weeks 2 months prior to this i also had an ectopic pregnancy. i was suprised to find out that i had fallen pregnant again after undergoing surgery to remove my ectopic preg. on visiting my doctor he took some blood to measure my levels of hcg he repeated this 5 times as my levels were not increasing as they should. He told me that it was possible i was having another ectopic or misscariage. i was sent for a scan and discovered the sac was where it should be and the heartbeat was confirmed. as you can imagine i thought it was nothing short of a miracle, they told me my levels of hcg were normal for this stage of preg and not to worry everything was fine. Sure enough 24hrs later the cramps began they were like period pains but 20 times worse, the i started to bleed i passed a large clot which i can only asume was the broken down sac. I rang NHS direct a doctor rang me back told me to take pain killers and ride it out. 1 week later and i still feel bloated i have a funny taste in my mouth and a strong sense of smell, does anyone know wen a preg test will be neg after a miscarriage? i am sorry for such a long story i just would really appreaciate any feedback especially if someone has been through something similair i feel really unlucky at the moment we have been trying for a year, and i really am considering going back on the pill as i am afraid to let my body go through it again, they have already constructed part of my tube i really worry about that. i am sorry for rambling on i have read some of your experiences and have taken comfort in some of the things said, it is better when you know somebody understands. Thank you for taking the time to read this x x :roll:
Sorry to hear all your troubles. I went through a similar thing. I miscarried at 8 weeks and ive never had pain like it! I had a positive test right up until i bled. I also passed what was obviously the sac and that upset me a hell of a lot. I know its stupid cos its just a sac thing but to flush the loo after that was awful i felt really guilty. Does that sound stupid? Anyway you probably should get a scan done to check everythings ok as you are still having symptoms and if the test is still positive after a bleed then i would go to gp especially with history of ectopic. Its so frustrating that they seem to say theres nothing we can do get on with it, but there really isnt anything they can do. Hope you are feeling better soon and dont give up. Im still trying, although it was sods law that last time i o'd whilst staying at my mother in laws!!!! Very quiet BD i tell you! LOL Nell
I just miscarried and had to do that flushing thing this morning and it felt awful. It just seemed wrong somehow but there didn't seem to be any other option. I just stood staring at it for a while not sure what to do.
My doctor told me that I should take a pregnancy test in 2 weeks and it should test negative then so give yourself another week until your body gets back to normal. It must be such a shock to our systems.
Sorry for your loss and really hope you feel better soon.

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