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May 25, 2010
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Hi guys

Hope you don't mind me asking you a question.

I got a BFP last Tuesday, spotted 2 days before, but had a normal period just under 3 weeks ago, 15th december, period in November as normal on 22nd.

So confussed.com. called EPU as i new i was PG, did the test but was also spotting still. Went for a scan last Friday....nothing there. Said too early to see. Took my bloods on Friday and they were 1453, then again on sunday 1700. They think its Ectopic......gutted.

So my question is .....as anyone experienced low levels and not going up very quickly and still been a viable pregnancy?? i know i'm clutching at straws here.

Going in tomorrow for more scans and bloods.

Thanks in advance.

sorry to hear this nicki!!

I'm sorry i cant give you any advice on ectopic or hgc, all i know is that it should double very 24hours.

hope your ok.

Big hugs

oh no....god love ya...

will keep everything crossed for you for tomorrow..xx

sorry i don't know about the levels..x
hCG levels vary massively in early pregnancy (which is why some people don't get a positive test until much later than others) so I wouldn't let the levels worry you too much. While levels do usually double every 48-72 hours they don't always so that doesn't necessarily mean that everything's not ok. Have they suggested testing your levels again this week? x
If you have a look at 'Guideline to hCG levels during pregnancy' half way down this page you'll see that the levels themselves can be very low in some people in the first few weeks: hCG levels
Yes tomorrow.....early morning and then a scan is booked for 11-45. I just can't believe it.

Keep thinking the period in december was because the egg HAD implanted in the tube....as must have fallen after Nov period around the 2nd or 3rd December. So puzzled....but can't give up hope. My sister in law had ectopic and was in lots pain....i'm not and just spotting still, so weird.

I will check out the link...thanks xxx
Oh I have everything crossed for you tomorrow honey x
Sorry I dont have any useful advice for you but just wanted to wish you the world of luck for tomorrow and let us no how you get on hun xxxxx
Goodluck for today hunny, fingers and toes crossed for some good news for you today x x

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Still nothing on scan today....bloods taken and they are calling me back later. Still feel pregnant but more puzzled!

Same as the others. No real advice only to wish you luck xxxx
I hope you get good news hun :hug: Are they going to investigate further if your levels have went up? I'm assuming it would be pretty vital to know whether the pg has implanted in the tube? X
Hi hun, as of today I am in the same boat as you. I am waiting for blood results but the doctor said he is concerned it could be ectopic. I get my blood results later today. At the moment, just waiting, I am not in pain but there was nothing as yet to see in the uterus on the early scan.
Let me know how you get on.... can I ask was your spotting red? I have had brown spotting also.

x x Laura x x
Update....Nurse just called with results....

They have gone from 1700 to 2200. I have an appointment with the consultant and he is going to scan me himself, scary stuff. Hopefuly the little bean will show its self for him!! tomorrow at 2-30....the nurse does feel more confident now than this morning!! I don't know how to feel. Maybe i fell later than when we thought?? i'm new to all this, thanks for all ur kind wishes guys. xx
Sorry "about time" yes i had red on Friday and nothing since just brown TMI!!! no pain.

Hopefuly we can stay in Tri 1 with these ladies!!

Nicki xx

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