Can you take a look at my test please girls?

JJ Mum

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Jan 10, 2010
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Hi girls,

Well here is my test taken this am on CD32 , what do you think?

My cheepy ebay ones, did nothing so I brought a sainsburys two pack, suitable from 4 days before period due. My Period is now either 6 days or 4 days late tho!!!
Very faint so you may not see in the pics..... but its pinky and not grey like I hear evap lines are



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I can see a very very faint line to the left? Is that right?! xx
Ooooh I see a faint line as well :yay:
Omg!!! I see faint line toooo!!!! x x x
i see a faint pink line too!!! how exciting i hope this is it for you lovely you totally deserve it xx
Yay I see it!!! Definitely worth doin another in a couple of days but definitely,definitely looks positive :) xx
Thanks girls for checking - I'm not going to hold out too much hope just yet, as my cheepy ebay tests still don't like me and I thought they were sensitive ones. I have one more sainsburys test so will wait a week, if I can or at least a few days! and test again incase it was all pretend and maybee get a stronger line, in the meantime hopefully my period won't arrive.

My OH can see it too, RM - yes V faint pink line of left hand side.

I read that late implantation, has a higher chance of miscarridge? I only had my implantation bleeding (or start of period) friday and yesterday!!! so could explain why the line is so faint.

If It was a BFP, how would late implanation effect a due date? does anyone have an experiance in this? I don't know if my cycle was 26 /28 or more days?

Sorry this is all sooo worrying..
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Try not to worry 2 much,wot will b will b.
Re the implant bleedin: wen i fell pregnant wiv my 3rd I had a slight bleed,heavy enough to think it was af on the Monday mornin,completely stopped a couple of hours later and then got my bfp (although v faint) on the weds,my dates weren't effected at all,not sure wot the bleed was but I went on to have a bouncin baby boy x
Oh and wen I was pregnant wiv my 1st I worked the dates out from my lmp and wen I had me a scan they out me forward nearly 3 weeks which means I must have had a period whilst pregnant,remember havin it cos I'd been out cuclin and leaked (sorry tmi) but it must have been too heavy 4 ib surely? Again had a healthy pregnancy x
I can just see a faint line, the amount of hormone is supposed to double every day early on so if you can wait it out for a few days you should get a better line. Very exciting for you though!!! :)
I can see a faint line - very similar to the 1st one I took. Get yourself a clear blue digital - they are on offer in Adsa at the moment - I thought I was seeing a faint non-existent line so the cbd confirmed it.

Hope its the good news you're hoping for. xxxx
Woo hoo I see it JJ.....fongers crossed it just keeps getting darker and darker....xxxx
I can see it!!!! Oh JJ I'm so excited for you, got everything crossed xx

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