Can you take a look at my test please girls?

oh jj mum am so happy thats defo a bfp this has made my day xxx
Oh jj well done lovely!!! I am so pleased for you!!!!! Send
of your baby dust!! X x x
Right then Smess - thats your baby dust tipped into the TTC room - that enough for you?
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Oh yeah JJ go on give us a Goodness I hope we get lots of BFP's this month xxx
big congratulations jj!! well done, hope i'll be joining u soon...will see if my left ovary will play the game and do its
...........................Commmon Lefty !!!!!

Kazimoto - I really reackon you should always sleep on that side now, and gravity will choose it over the other one when OV comes... fingers crossed it's your month too
probably already been assured by the PF crew but thought i'd add a bit more reassurance! and this deffo looks like a test i did before i came on and was pregnant. which obvs turned out to be positive, lol. yay :love: :hug: congrats!! xxx
OOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!! That is the best news ever Congratulations JJ mum !!! You have always cheered me up when ive needed it, you so deserve this x x x x x x
Lots ans lots and lots of love Mushy x
ahh thanks lots Mushy , now come on and join me X
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Congratulations hun. That is def a :BFP: Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months. xx
Congratulations JJ!
You really deserve this this month! I just hope its not too long before I join you over in 1st Tri,

x x x x
:yay:I'm so chuffed for you hunni - congratulations bigtime xx
Totally agree Mushy JJ is always at hand to put a smile back on our faces when were having a bad happy for you JJ xxx
Well done JJ Mum, that is 100% positive, huge congratulations! xx

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