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  • Hi Helen, Im openly, personally apologising if you felt my posts were aimed at you or out of order. They werent meant to be. Nothing I said was aimed directly at your religion or anything to do with it. I feel it is always an awkward subject when many people have such different ideas and views. Our family unit remains open minded as we are all of different religious views and I like to think I keep it that way and never judge others.
    I have asked for all my comments to be removed and I shall refrain from coming to the forums so you can enjoy your time here.
    Hi, I finally remembered!

    Jasmine can be use during labour in a Oil burner as can lavendar and clary sage, the lavendar and clary sage can also be massaged, hope this helps
    Hey you - i havent forgotten you babes i was going to send your parcel this week but we are doing the great newborn - 0-3 month swap over this weekend and i reckon there are going to be some cool newborn bits for you, we have already sectioned you off a selection of stuff that we found really useful :) Sorry its taken so long - maybe i am subconsiously getting you back for the doppler :p Huggles xx Fi xx
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