Can you take a look at my test please girls?

I can see a line JJ mum!! xx

Just out of curiosity, did you have any cramps when u had implantation bleeding?? xx were they like period cramps?? xx Im trying to work out when my IB actually was lol xx although i thought it was af lol xx
Well not really, last time I did , all the 3rd week (week after OV and then spotting day or so after).
If it's a positive then this time I didn't feel like AF was coming at all, but at the moment , my tum feels like it's doing stuff! like i'm a good week behind. But the spotting was two and three days after AF due

Out of interest , have you felt sicker with your triplets ? and did you get a bfp early as your hormones may have been higher?
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I can see it too!!!! I knew i had such a good feeling about you!!!! x x x x soooooooooooooooooooo pleased , come on little line get darker and darker x x
Oooh I can see it!! :yay: And bleeding late doesn't mean that's when implantation actually happened - it can take a while for the blood to make its way out, so don't let that worry you :)
See i had pretty bad cramp last month when I thot i had AF, but bleeding was light. I'm deffo measuring 12 weeks, so I mustv'e been pg at the time. Do you know, I haven't even felt sick at all. I've been craving lots and lots, and the smell of petrol and ciggarettes turn my stomach, but no sickness or vomiting. I don't really know what made me test actually, cos I thought i'd had a period, and then we hadn't really been trying cause I had really bad tonisllitis. I did have some spotting and stuff, so i guess thats what made me test! I had been getting bfn's un until I bled though, so I just assumed it was normal af! I think any symptoms may have been covered by my tonsilitis tho, cos it was SOO bad!! I was soo doped up on painkillers and antibiotics that I don't think i knew what was going on for about a The only thing i've got at the mo is reeeally sore bbs. They've literally doubled in size in a few weeks!! :O xxx really hope ur wee line gets darker and darker too!! xx
Looking good JJ how exciting, I tested this morning and we are sure we could see a very faint line but I think it may be evap line. Fx for us both xxxx
omg jj! how exciting! i can def see the line! good luck hun! xx
When do you think you'll test again? x x will you get a cbd?
Looking good. How soon after testing did u take the test? Just that that test looks a bitlike the boots one I did and a few days later, the test line looked a bit darker so I knew for sure.

With my first, I conceived very late on in my cycle. At the 12 week scan they said she was 5 days behind what they thought as they would only consider dating me from the first day of my last period which I knew was wrong. According to their dates, she was 16 days overdue when they induced me, whereas I knew I wasn't that far along :-(
There's def two lines there!! When will you test again? Really hope it's your month Hun x x
i def can see line im soooooo having all my fingers crossed for you xxxxx
Thanks girls, trying not to get too excited , incase it's all a mistake !

Helen - I will test again in a few days if I can wait that long, kind of putting it off incase it's A BFN!
I think i will use the other sainsburys on of my ebay cheepys, don't want to spend any more money, will need it all if up the duff for real!

Amy Jayne- yeah that's a worry really if late to implant, which I think it must have been based on how faint the test result is now. Based on my dates I would be 5 weeks on wednesday, and yet the line is painfully week. I have sections and so they are normally born two weeks early anyway, and don't want a half cooked one.

Good luck Bidsy - come on your BFP!!
Hi girls , I caved in and tried the Ebay cheepy tests as I have some left, so here it is, at least I got a line on this test today, it was broken sunday!!

Can I count it as a full BFP yet, or should I wait till stronger line at weekend to count it as a def? (It is CD33 today ). :lol:

Oh and this was only afternoon wee not FMU, so the line is much darker than yesterday... I'm just a late starter this time!!!


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