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  • awww thanks hunni

    Sorry to hear about your friends son's, that must of been a shock! Hope all goes well at the funeral, but don't feel guilty because of you being pregnant, it can happen to anyone and plus she's your friend, just comfort her the best you can...

    You take it easy, sit back and relax lol Just off to the doctors in regards to fertility treatment, so I hope that goes well and see what they say! They told me to go back and see her after I got my Thyroid test back and that came back normal, so nothing wrong there, so it must be something between us lol

    Enjoy the rest of your afternoon and week

    Donna x
    Hello Hunni

    Yes very busy at the moment, lucky it's my day off today, but got a load of washing and housework to do, as well as decorating my mum's new home as she is moving not far from me lol

    How are you? Hope the pregnancy is going well? Has the sickness passes yet lol We still TTC, but not thinking about it as I am always busy, it's trying to squueze in time for ourselves...

    Good to hear from you xx
    So glad you got your BFP today!! Fingers crossed for me...We have decided to stop TTC if we don't get a BFP this month as it's just emotional draining....Still enjoy the bedding though lol Please for you and keep me update on FB xx
    Thanks for all the support and hope we can get our BFP together this month, fingers crossed xxx
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