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Breast size?????????????


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Nov 25, 2007
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When if at all did you notice your boobs grow? :? :? I became very excited a few weeks ago when my boobs felt uncomftable in my bra and looked like they were growing and bought a larger bra. But that has since stopped im actually alright in my old bra again much to my digust. Whats going on I WONT BIGGER BOOBS DAMN IT!!!!! :twisted: I am only a size 34b :( usually, they are still a bit bigger BUT NOT AS BIG AS I WONT THEM. i AM NOT IMPRESSED. I know ive got a while to go but come on GROW :rotfl:
sorry to say but mine grew right from the start.
i was a 32a/b now im a 36c/d i knew i had to get mat bras a s my normal ones where making my boobies ich really bad :(
i hope they grow for you soon :)
manda xx
Hey geordie lass,

I'm really envious of you. My boobs were a 32f before I was pregnant went up 3 sizes to a 32GG during first tri.I have always thought a size B was perfect as you can go without a bra and wear so much more. Including backless dresses (Oh for a backless dress one day). I guess we sit on different sides of the fence and look over at the greener grass on each others side. Fancy swapping sides after all this baby making malarky is done with?

Lot's of love,
Little Miss Comedy Breasts
geordie lass, i'm same as you, i was sooo excited when mine grew initially but now ive got used to them they dont seem any bigger, in fact i am still perfectly fine bouncing around bra-less!!! Come on puppies-GROW!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
mine have gone from 36E to 38F, not a huge difference.
It is a pain having to find different bras to go with different tops and dresses when you've got big boobs
mines grew from the start too..

i've went from a 34D to a 36F, had to buy maternity bras too :lol:
Mine were 36 A before pregnancy. Now they are 36DD. Most of the growth happened right at the end. I miss my fried eggs :(
Mine were 32B pre preg but they are 34D now!!

I was measured at 34D a few weeks ago but I think they have grown again already
I would so swap with you! In the first 12 weeks mine went from a 34B to a 38D..I hate it, they sweat underneath all the time and I can hold a pencil under each one..before getting pregnant they were too perky to do that :( I don't get why they're so big though..I'm not even leaking!!
I started off a 32C and now Im going through a new bra every 2 weeks or so....Im currently sitting in a 36DD which is getting snug. I hate boobs and nipples :puke: Before my boobs grew Id quite happily flaunt them and show a generous bit of cleavage but now I just want to cover them up and feel really uncomfy where they are so big.....weird huh!
Having small boobs has never been a huge issue with me ive had worse things to concern me in my life. Of course ive always wonted a bigger size but never cried over it and James loves me as i am. But it miffs me a little bit and as a pregnant mum to be i feel it's my right to finaly get what i have been denied a bloody cleveage. My mum has big boobs HUH I inherited her allergies not breast size. My sister Mel the youngest of use 3 girls got the lot. I came first what's going on there???? :shakehead: :rotfl: OH well i'll just have to keep :pray: it will happen
I went from a 30F to a 32G (three cup sizes) in Week 5 :shock: but haven't grown at all since then and I'm still in the same bra.

I really don't want to grow any more so it suits me fine.
I was a 42d before i was pg, not sure what i am now, must go and get measured because my bras are getting a little tight
I was a 32 D before. By week 10 I was 32 E. I currently have a 34 E but I blatently need a bigger size so if I'm just staying at home I don't wear it as it is so uncomfy :( I really liked my breasts before and I wish they hadn't changed. But I guess they've changed from being fashion accessories to functional, portable meal providers. And one nipple leaks too. And it goes crusty on my PJ top :puke:
I wondered when mine would grow, not felt anything different. Got new bras when i found out i was pregnant as i always wore underwire and its sugested not to do this, gutted i haven't had to be measured again.

Im right there with you Tots Hope im glad im not the only one sorry that sounds bad. I am sure we willboth find they are growing soon :pray:
i was a 34c now im a 36dd not really liking the new boobs they grew in first mth or so and have settled now thank god.. hope they dont grow anymore!! xx
I'm so fed up with my ridiculous breasts. I have a small frame so look comical to say the least. Especially since peggers. I still don't have a bump but have these huge 32GG/ H (Depending on make) tits. At least women with a wider frame look in proportion and often extremely sultry. I just look like blinkin Jordon. I never show my clevage I wouldn't dare. Men have always treated me like a walking page 3 girl, as if having big boobs is a welcome invitation for men to comment or dribble.

Hubby has agreed I can have a reduction once I have finished having babies. I never thought I would before for fear of critisism from people who think you should leave your body alone, but the idea seems very appealing now. I think it would be deeply liberating.
My boobs are HUGE too. Like watermelons. I'm only 5 foot 1 and my boobs weren't small to start with. Luckily now my belly is growing I don't look so odd and I don't get so many men having conversations with my boobs rather than me.

I'm off to M&S today to get an unwired bra (hopefully!) as i only just realised they are bad and all of my bras are underwired.

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