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Oct 21, 2010
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What's your nap and night time routine. How do you fit your feeds around etc?

I used to feed immediately before a nap when Isla was tiny but as she got older feeds were around dinner time, lunch time etc. eventually it was just a wake up drink and bed time drink from me.
When I was bf (he used to sleep much better when I was bfing) I used to feed, play, sleep and then feed again which worked well most of the time except if he was fighting sleep and then he wud get hungry again before he slept and then wouldnt feed well coz he was so tired!! At night I used to feed at 6 then he wud go down at between 7 and 8, wake him up for a dream feed at 10 which he wud only feed for 5 mins as he fell asleep and then we woke him up at between 4 and 5 for a feed and then another at 8!! Wish he was that good now, we have definite sleep regression!!
I'm obviously a couple of months behind you pinky but we have no routine!!

Just going with the flow- literally!!

Be interested to know what everyone does though
We tend to go with the flow most of them time. I read somewhere about an EASY routine - eat, activity, sleep, you - so I try to do that, but how long each bit lasts depends on how she's feeling.

Only remotely routine bit wee do is that when DH and I go up to bed (which is about half 9 these days) she gets in her bag, on the boob (even if she's not long fed) then into bed.

Our night time routine -

5.00 naked time
5.30 bath time, cream and massage
6.00 baby Einstein DVD
6.30 daddy takes him into bedroom for a cuddle and puts him in his grow bag, I then feed him to sleep (naughty mummy)
Wakes up 20-40 mins later, feed off again and he usually goes down till about 10-11ish.

Naptime we wing it a bit. It's always a darkened room and I feed him off. He used to sometimes self settles but when OH is home his moaning annoys him and I feel pressured to shut him up. I really hope the light/sound show helps.

Go with the flow as well, I am a very anti routine person, and Vincent tends to fall into a routine of his own accord.

He naps once in the morning (with my mum, I'm probably asleep), then on his walk at 2:30 ish, goes to bed around 10, wakes up once during the night around 2 AM, then is up around 6 in the morning.

Feeds every 2 hours during the day, like a newborn - which would explain the obesity, LOL!
When I say routine I mean bath, DVD, feed, sleep. Is there anything you do for nap time or does LO go off?

Tyler has a rough 3 hour cycle but we keep bedtime times the same every night

I take Henry up around 8-8:30 and feed him to sleep in a darkened room. He falls asleep anywhere between 9-10 and usually sleeps through till 6-7.

Gonna start introducing bath so his routine will be bath, boob and bed.
We do nappy off/tummy time and play with her from 7.30-8. She gets a bath about 8.30-9 and then I feed for a looooong time until at least 10.30 and then she goes off to bed. She sleeps for an extended period if I put her down then and I'd rather have the sleep myself than have some me time and is put her to bed at 7pm.

After the feed in the night she sometimes grunts and messes about and doesn't sleep and I can't risk that happening at 11pm midnight and then not sleeping. It would pee me right off.

During the day we play by ear.

She normally sleeps mid morning after a 9am feed and then feeds at lunch time and naps in the afternoon and feeds at 3pm and 6pm and naps in between.
Nap time is now a happier place in my house, he normally has a nap about 2 hours after the last one although it is normally 3 hours before the first one! He now associates being in his push chair in the dining room as sleep time and as long as he isnt really over tired he just quietly drops off as long as he has his white blanket and dummy (although now he sucks his fingers to sleep) if he is upset then I just rock the pram till he is calm and he then drops off!! Night time is a different matter as he has to be cuddled to sleep but we kinda do a bath, massage, story, bottle and story with cuddle till he is asleep then he is put down!!
We do activity,meal,sleep tbh though he dictates what we do x

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Lewis falls asleep about 11.30pm after a good old 2hr moan-a-thon. Wakes up about 3am, then again about 5, sometimes a random 3rd time but goes down OK, gets up at 8am. Goes for a nap about 9.30 til 12.30 with a dummy and a cuddle.The rest of the day he just grazes and nods off randomly for short periods, sometimes with a dummy and a blanket over his head sometimes mid-play.
harry has just settled himself into an evening routine in the last week or so, 7.30pm bath, bottle of expressed milk 8.30pm, then bed between 9-10pm sleeps till between 2-3am, then back to bed till 5.30-6am. i find if he has expressed milk in bottle before bed given by dad he sleeps much longer. during the day we dont have a routine except he feeds every 2 hours and i try to get him to nap as often as i can.
Really great thread!! Very interested as although we have a good night time routine with Evie (bath or wash, bottle and bed normally around 8.30 / 9ish) she goes down well in her crib and wakes for a feed at 2ish and 6ish then up for 9am, our day times are getting increasingly fraught as she refuses to sleep anywhere but on me!! I know I've made a rod for my own back by letting her in the past, but now the second I pop her in her pram to sleep she wakes up and screams! I was always very anti day time routine as every day is different but I feel that we do need more structure as I need nap time away from her to get some stuff done around the house! She tends to have awake time for a couple of hours between 9am and 11am then smaller amou ts of awake/feeding and napping time during the day.
Bugger - sorry just seen this was for bf babies and E is ff - apologies!! Xxx
Bugger - sorry just seen this was for bf babies and E is ff - apologies!! Xxx

The only reason I'm asking for bf is I've noticed a lot of ff babies are very good at self settling (or so it seems in my mind) so I was wondering if it's a feeding thing or we've just buggered up. Also looking for sleep routine inspiration!!

I start sam's night routine at 8.00, tbh he could go sooner but then DH wouldn't get any time with him x

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