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Feb 13, 2010
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Hi guys! Well Sebastian is now 6 weeks old *shock* and is getting into a really great routine so I want to start doing a proper bedtime. He very obviously recognises the difference between night bedtime feeds and daytime feeds as he will wake up properly during the day and will stay awake wheras at night he stays asleep so I feel introducing a bit of routine now is the right time. What's everyone elses routine? I'm thinking of;
Bathtime, baby massage, singing songs, story, feed and bed.

What do you think?
I think routine is very important. As soon as we introduced a strict routine with Emily, she slept through!

She has a bottle about 6 then watches a bit of in the night garden. 6.45 is bathtime and jammies on. She then finishes her bottle and goes upstairs. We put her in her cot awake and put her dreamshow on timer for 10 mins (music and patterns on ceiling). We put the light out and close the door. Put her down at 7 and she sleeps straight through till 8.

Good luck with it Hun, bet seb will get the hang of it really quick x

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Thanks hon! x I just want to regain a bit of life with OH x that's really helpful x
Helen, you absolutely read my mind, we are trying to put together a routine for Freddie at the mo, he has been a fairly good sleeper until recently so up till now we've not felt the need for a routine, would love to know what others do...
Until the past few nights I didnt really have a big routine with Paige. She now has a bath every night and her lotions and potions put on then cuddles then I now put her in her bed awake and sit next to the cot until shes pretty much asleep then leave her to it. If she wants a bottle at any point she has it whenever as I dont want her getting too used to having a bottle at bedtime. Personal preference though lol.

Before though, I just took her upstairs at bed time (she chose 7pm) and we sat in our room with a dim light on and I put her down asleep. She slept exactly the same with either routine. But I do enjoy the bathtime each day :D
I really want to start this with Isla asap but how on earth do you do it while breastfeeding on demand??

Sorry to hijack Helen x
I think for her age just pick a time to start doing the same thing each night, so around 8pm for instance. I feed Paige on demand (although with formula) and just feed her inbetween doing bits of the routine. :) If she has a bedtime she usually starts her night sleep at then obviously do it around that time, but I remember Paige not having a set night sleep at that point.
i need to start this it's hard when OH works shifts and i cant carry stuff!!!
I really want to start this with Isla asap but how on earth do you do it while breastfeeding on demand??

Sorry to hijack Helen x

i was wondering the same. ive started bathing tegan at 8 every night then put her sleepsuit on then feed her but shes still on my boob now so its not really working x
i think ive been doing this all wrong.. We've recently realised Jack needed hungry baby milk.. He just always wants feeding.. He wanted food every hour through the night and after uping the oz's and it making no difference the hungrier milk was the answer. Seems to have done the trick and his sleeping longer through the night but i give him a bath and massage with lotions in the morning before his changed for the day.. Maybe i should change this so he understands at night when he has a bath then its the start of bedtime... Hmmm x
I can't put bath time in Charleys routine yet cos he's got the eczema I'm not allowed to bath him every night so I do it 2x a week in the morning! Charleys got a strict routine every night but it doesn't start till 10pm so now I'm thinking maybe bring it earlier if everyone else does.
Drake has his bedtime after his bottle at 10pm but as it stands I haveto go to bed the same time as we have no monitors. He's pretty good at that routine, he either goes to bed asleep or awake, he falls asleep no probs. Going to buy monitors this week and start getting him down for 8pm I think.

Right now Drake is wide awake between 7pm and 10pm as sleeps most of the afternoon but he's miserable with it so I think he's deffo ready for an earlier routine. Perhaps he'll be a bit more awake in the day then.
this is my prob with herbie he isnt having a feed in the night but his last feed is a 10pm so I keep him down stairs till he has his feed then bed I think if he had it any earlier he wouldnt sleep till morning, and if I put him to bed about 8pm I dont think he would wake for the 10pm bottle cos he would be all snug in his basket and would prob end up waking at 2am what I dont want.
If you and Herbie are happy with that routine then I would carry on with it. I would be happy with that if Drake slept through and he wasn't grumpy in the evenings!
I was gonna wait till charley was sleeping through to bring it earlier but there's no way that's happening any time soon! He's awake 3 times through the night ATM!
Thing is, what happens when you have to go out in the evenings once in a while? Will it upset their routine much?
we've started putting Freddie to bed about 8pm but don't really have a set way of doing it yet, going to start the whole bath, calm time and then bed thing tonight (she says firmly to herself), it is quite hard with bf though as his last feed before 8 is always at slightly diff times so the routine will have to move with those times I guess, 15 mins either way can't do much harm can it??

Put him to bed at 8 the other night, he didn't wake till 3 which was great for sleep but not for my boobs, I woke up soaked, so now when I go to bed at 10ish I pick him up carefully and feed him while he's still asleep, he only stirs a little bit and then goes straight back down. He still wakes up about half 3 but I have had no leakage since. tmi sorry
Thing is, what happens when you have to go out in the evenings once in a while? Will it upset their routine much?

i know, freddie goes down to his grandparents 2 afternoons a week and they never feed him on time ( i send down a bottle of expressed milk) , which pushes everything else back later on, plus you never really now how much he's napped there or how grumpy/awake he's going to be when he comes back

i wouldn't stop taking him there though, gives us a chance to clear the house up or nip to the shops quickly etc.

i think when you go out you should just leave strict instructions and if it goes haywire and he has a restless night you should let the babysitters know about it and ask them to stick to the routine next time for your sake!
Well it was going well until today when OH fucked Seb's routine up! Cue one not very happy mummy! Sigh! Well tomorrow I'll sort it out!
well had our first go at a 'routine' tonight.

Fed Freddie, let him settle for a little on the sofa with us for his food to go down, bath, massage, cuddles and then bed

had a few tears but seems to be OK at the mo

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