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working is hell


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Feb 17, 2005
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I am 26 weeks pregnant my first and has been a shock,healthy baby but morning sickness gastric flu and tilted pelvis has made my job hell,I have had to change my jobs and my boss did not understand that certain jobs severly agrivated my pelvis and back I have reduced my hours with loss of pay and feel very isolated at work, as I have heard of things being said by my boss that he would if he had the choice not have another pregnant women and did not care if I ever came to another meeting .
I have always had good reports of my work and when I have left my boss has evan asked me back but since pregnant I feel unsupported and alone , I have joined a union but feel on the verge of just leaving as I am always in pain a risk assesment has been done and my boss just says "so your telling me you cannot do your job"I am off work now with back pain as i was told to do planting all day rather than my usual maintenance work. Any advice appreciated.
Miranda in pain :cry:
Hi Miranda

A similar topic came up the other day about working whilst pregnant. Your boss sounds very unsympathetic. Is your boss a man or woman? Anyway I remember a web site being mentioned which might be of help to you.

Hi Miranda

Firstly, your employers are treating you outrageously! :shock: You have the right not to suffer detriment at work because of your pregnancy. Their attitude towards you constitutes sex discrimination.

Secondly, if they cannot find you suitable alternative work that doesn't affect your health then you can be suspended on full pay until after the baby is born on health and safety grounds.

I suggest you speak to you doctor about it and see if he will write a letter to your employers pointing out which types of work he thinks is unsuitable/unsafe for you and why.

If that doesn't work, is there anyone else with some clout you can talk to? What about your boss' boss or someone in HR?

If not, then find out about the company's grievance procedure and raise a grievance. Since October all business are required by law to have a written procedure. Keep detailed notes of every instance of bad treatment including date, time and any witnesses and put it all down in there.

If they fail to do anything at that point, then they are the employers from hell! Go see a employment solicitor on a no win-no fee basis (they all do it these days). You could then be looking at a constructive dismissal case (i.e. they are effectively forcing you out of the job) combined with sex discrimination because their attitude is as a result of your pregnancy.

In other words, KICK UP THE BIGGEST STINK YOU CAN! :evil: :evil: There is far too much at risk here and no job is worth risking your health and that of your unborn baby.

Phew! Rant over. :oops: :oops: Sorry didn't mean to go on, but this is a pet subject of mine (I'm in HR) and get really wound up with people like your boss!

Good luck! :D

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