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TTC..How long?


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Feb 21, 2006
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This is our 3rd month of TTC no 2 and was wondering how long you guys have been trying and how long it took in previous pregnancys? (if you have had others)x :D
Hon everyone is different, some people take months, sometimes unfortunatly years, others get there in a month...

I dont know if this helps but wanted to wish you all the best!

xx :hug:
Thanks claire..whoops just realised i never answered my own question fully! :D We conceived our little boy in the 3rd month. Thing is now im kinda thinking it may be this month for this time too. Although i know that isnt the case...Ah well theres hope!x
1st wasn't planned, 2nd got caught in the 1st month and with the 3rd we wasn't really trying but wasn't preventing either and I got caught when my 2nd baby was 4 months old so I'd say 2-3 months.
we didnt really try before but we didnt not try i seemed to get pregnant really quickly, my mum used to make a joke that dh just had to look at me and i was pregnant :oops: but this time is the first we have been really trying, this is our 4th month :x
Took me four months to conceive first time, hoping it will happen sooner this time and i get a baby at the end
Took us 7 months with Maddison, hope its quicker with number 2 (not TTC at moment by the way :lol: )
sorry i just thought that maybe my repy had no relevance to what you said and you were just wondering so ignore that! My first preg was an accident but a happy one unfortunate mc after that we ttc straight away luckily we got caught but ost that too... I waited a bit and now im ttc i have been doing so for a month...

First one we werent trying, in fact we actively used to try to not bd around possible ov days. Son is now 7, I had coil put in 3 years ago but had it removed now we decided we wouldnt mind another child. Funny how your persecectives change.
My first wasnt planned and I came off the pill to give my body a rest. We didnt take protection like we said we would and I conceived in 2 months. I´ve not taken protection for over a year now but been actively trying to conceive for the last 7 months to no avail!!! Bit different this time round! :wall:
1st took 6mths
2nd took 4 mths
This one? Well been off the pill since January '07 but actively TTC since April. This is our 8th cycle :wall: .
Keep trying to tell myself that I'm 8yrs older now and a bit fatter than I used to be so thats why it's taking so long LOL.
this is my first and stopped taking CP 6mth before anything happened.

Good luck everyone :hug:
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First wasn't planned - this time about 9 cycles seriously, over 10 months altogether
This is our tenth month of TTC #1. Hopefully it will happen soon :)
In second month of TTC! Going to try really hard this month. I WANT A BFP FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!
1st: 28 months
2nd: Will be TTC in Jan, really hope it's nowhere near as long as the 1st!

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