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Aug 29, 2007
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This is the one thing I'm petrified of :( Please tell me it's not as bad as I think it is :wall:
I had quite a bad 2nd degree tear but I have no idea when it happened. I laboured on gas and air only but didn't feel the tear happen. Afterwards, it took a while to stitch and they gave me some local anisthetic whilst they did that, but I was feeding for the first time so quite distracted. They generally heal pretty quickly afterwards (mine didn't, but this is quite rare - 98% heal perfectly) and I took paracelamol for a couple of days after. I had some particulalr complications and mine didn't heal well, but I have had it redone now and it is fine. Even after the complications, it honestly isn't anything I would worry about next time - more of an inconvenience than anything. Don't worry about it - chances are it won't happen, or if it does it will be minor. Even if its major though, it is still not a big issue.
I tore during labour - I didn't have any form of pain relief what so ever when in labour and still didn't feel myself tearing and the tears I had were evidently quite bad. I had a local anasthetic before the stitches and didn't feel a thing while being stitched - they healed perfectly, not a single complaint with them. The "worst" part was having my legs mid air and a midwife with her face right up close and personal down there while she done it but hey having just given birth I just let them get on with it!! :) The actual tearing/stitches were not bad....don't fret about that side of things at all!! xx
i tore and it bloody hurt. i remember screaming as loud as i could to make myself felt heard :oops:
i had a 2nd degree perineal tear and my right labia split in half and the bottom bit fell off :shock:
they tried to get me to go to theatre but i refused and had the local and gas and air and cried quietly all the way through.
however, its all healed and healed ok. i just took regular pain killers and rested.
perineal massage is meant to be good and listen to your midwifes.
I didn't tear but I was obsessively worrying about it. I didn't do any massage or anything and Ryan was 8lb 7oz so I think I was just lucky.
It's not. All the pain just merges into one! lol! You don't actually feel yourself tearing - I got a 2nd degree tear.
Hiya i had a third degree tear, i wont lie its not nice but your forget all about it after a while. Please dont worry about tearing you might not tear at all.
Just do as the midwives tell you and you should be fine, try not to push to early like i did.

i didnt tear with my first but did with my second the tearing wasnt so bad it was the stitches what hurt the most, but i hadnt had any pain releif through my labour
I had a 2nd degree tear cos I wasn't listening to the midwives and kept pushing when she was crowning. Didn't feel it at all at the time though, and after a couple of week the discomfort had mainly gone. :)
with my first i had very bad tears which required many stitches inside and out, but i didnt feel it happen. with my 2nd i had a 1st degree tear and didnt feel that happen, but had no stitches. Just listen to your midwife and stop pushing when she tells you to, i didnt stop pushing with millie and thats why i tore so badly
its not as bad as u think it is :hug:

i had a 2nd degree tear requiring 2 stitches. i didnt feel it tho and had no pain relief (they took the gas & air off me earlier as i was abusing it :lol: taking it between contractions!)

the contractions hurt so much i guess tearing skin is nothing compared!

the stitches only took a few minutes and didnt really hurt, they let me suck on the gas & air again while i had them done.

tearing was the main thing i was petrified of- honestly hun dont get worked up about it. it wasnt the big deal i thought it would be at all. :hug:
I had a 2nd degree tear and i didn't feel myself tearing

Try not to worry :hug:
I would have torn but was cut instead ended up having a LOT of stitches
i think its just one of those things that could happen. but could not to.. it all depends on how stretchy you are down there.. and how much time you allow it to stretch while birthing the head.. please try not to stress yourself out over it.. it might not happen.. and if it does theres not a lot you can do about it. i didnt feel my tear.. i tore on ehr shoulders.. didnt need stitches.. the only thing that i did feel was burning very badly when i weed after lol...

just a tip.. get a jug of warm water to pour over your foof when you wee if you do tear. xx infact might pack one in hosp bag lol..
lisa&alex said:
just a tip.. get a jug of warm water to pour over your foof when you wee if you do tear. xx infact might pack one in hosp bag lol..

Or wee in the bath!

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