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    I also used Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils in the bath (use 6-10 drops total) - great for fighting infection and helping the healing process!
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    I only had a first degree tear, no stitches needed, and a couple of grazeses but I didn't feel it at all when pushing. It didn't bother me much when healing either (I felt normal again after about 10 days).
    The pain for me was all at the front, no damage done but the stretching is the strangest thing, I expected it to be mostly at the bottom end rather than up there so I wasn't really expecting it. That was what took longest to feel normal again for me, but as I said there was no damage there. I have also been told natural tears heal much better so they try to avoid episiotomy, something to do with a clean cut not bonding together as well and coming open again easier etc.
    We are all built differently and our babies and births are all different, just try to take it as it comes, accept it and remember you will heal in time whatever happens :)
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    I had a 1st degree tear but I don't remember being traumatized by it. They stitched me up right away and would only sting when they would clean it and when I peed. I do remember that it was psychologically hard to poo because I was so scared to tear them open again!
    I did feel the tearing I think, I had no pain relief, nor any gas/air. I remember yelling that I was on fire down there! Haha! It was right before she was born. I was bruised and swollen after the birth but it was all gone by the third day.
    Good luck hun!!xx

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