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so so so so annoyed


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Jul 31, 2007
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it was our wheely bin collection today,and over the last couple of night these strong winds have loosened the lid on our bin. anyway last night it come off and didnt no intill OH rang me to tell me........ by then bin men had already been. so looked outside and the buggers hadnt emptied my full bin and had left a stupid sticker on it saying there is a fault with your bin so we wont empty it.
so now i have to pay out for a new bin and the rubbish that is in there i have to get rid of myself aaaarrrrrgggghhh.
what really annoys me is there is one of my neighbours whos bin has had no lid for ages and there bin always got emptied ( not today tough) and it happened to me once and i get stuck with my rubbish.im so annoyed gggggrrrrrr
OMG I'd phone the council and have a right go... if you get nowhere go to your councillor. you shouldnt have yo pay because the winds broke your bin :evil: :evil:
i phoned the council and they was the ones that said i either have to fix the lid, pay for a new lid or buy a new bin. they apparently dont empty bins without lids dew to health and safety. im just angry cause its not as if its been broken for ages and i cant be bothered to do anything about it............... the wind did it i swear :wall: :wall:
OMG you are joking :shock:
One of my bins hasn't had a lid for over 3 years.............still gets emptied everyweek.
We have one brown wheelie bin for normal rubbish and one green wheelie bin for recycling. Our green one went awol so I rang the council and they sent out a brand new one. I didn't have to pay!!!! Ring them and tell them its gone missing.


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