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Sick Bug?


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Apr 21, 2006
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How does it start?

Sorry, but I started feeling ill around 11pm last night, to the point where I need to throw up but I didnt, Ive also had bouts of upset tummy pain but nothing coming out (sorry) :( I stopped feeling sick around 2am and felt fine this morning but have started feeling sick again, but like my tummy isn't churning :think: its like I feel hungry but Im not if that makes any sense, and last nite I had something to eat but it only made me feel worse. And also I keep needing to wee. Im so scared of being sick as im sure you all know with my many previous posts :oops: :cry:

I dunno what it is :(

I think this may be the wrong section too, sorry
oh hun, im sorry that u aint feeling well - i havent had it so not really sure how it starts, i knw that doesnt help but :hug: :hug:
Aww hun :hug: I had this over Christmas along with fluey feeling too! I wasn't actually sick though just that churning you mention!
Hope you feel better soon! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
erm you sure thats the sickness bug hun? only with the weeing all the time too......... :think:
ivw had this to lasted 48 hours lillies had it since sat and had to take her to out of hour docs this morning couldnt even keep water in her shes lost loads of weight poor baby .
doc said theres a few sick bugs going round at mo xx
libs said:
erm you sure thats the sickness bug hun? only with the weeing all the time too......... :think:
:rotfl: thats what i was thinking
Thanks guys, def not pregnant, well I hope not (for the moment anyway) I still havent been sick yet. I have a feeling that my stomach ulcer has returned as this evening Ive had severe acid :(
We all had it just before christmas and it started with either diarrhoea or feeling sick for a couple of hours before actually vomiting.
aww hope u feel better soon hun
theres nothing worse than being sick is there :hug:
trixipaws said:
theres nothing worse than being sick is there :hug:

I spent the majority of last night cleaning up DH's sick from drinking too much. I'd say that came pretty close, he he!! :D :D :D

Hope you are feeling better soon

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