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Samuel Mats Sundberg


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Jun 26, 2006
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Well..... our little journey started back on tuesday 27th March when my m/w referred me back to the John Radcliffe in oxford due to little man deciding to unengage himself and have a bit of a float around :?

This referral turned into a 3 and a half week stay up on level 5 which entailed making new friends such as fellow inmates and midwives and although I missed Anders,the kids, you guys and life as we know it immensly it became my home for that time :)

We spent weeks chasing the little wriggler in my tummy, praying that he would stay head down in the hope of either being sent home or being induced and being given the chance to deliver naturally as I really wanted :pray:

Sadly after a lot of deliberation it was decided that little man was too unstable and that my hopes of ever having a vaginal delivery were gone (as even if we were brave enough for number 4 I was told I wouldn't be given the chance to try natural again :( ) and we had to face the eventuality that I was having another section :(

Still, we had to try and make the most of it.... initially the first available date that turned up was the 18th April which means that I would have been 41 weeks :shock: so it was decided that this was too far out and the date was bought forward to the 11th April.

I have to admit that I was absolutely petrified as my last c section with the twins wasn't a pleasant experience.

When the morning of the 11th arrived, I was nervous as hell! We sat and waited around all morning in my hospital gown before being told that we were waiting until after lunch as there had been a few emergencies downstairs in theatre.
After lunch I was feeling even more scared and nervous and was extremely teary.
We were finally transferred downstairs to Observation area where I was starting to feel sick and very teary and waited what felt like an eternity until we were told that there was a queue of 3 emergencies and we had to wait until first thing next morning.

All of the midwives on my ward etc thought that I was very patient that I wasn't kicking up a fuss but I actually felt euphoric as I was so relieved as I was so physically and mentally scared that I was glad that I had ot away with it !!!!!

The next morning was a completely different story. At 7.35am I was woken up and told that they were waiting for me downstairs :shock:

I called A and asked him to hurry over and at 8am I was taken down directly to the waiting room. The anaethetist was already waiting and it all turned out well as I ended up with the consultant anaesthetist and my consultant also did my section that morning too :)

Plus the fact that everything was so much more rushed and unexpected that I didn't have time to be scared.

i did have a bit of a freak at one point in the anaesthetist room that I might be able to feel what was going on so the anaesthetist said that he was going to poke my tummy and to say if I could feel. I luckily couldn't and he then showed me that he had been pincing me with sharp surgical pliers!!!

My mind was then at rest.

I was then taken into theatre where A was then bought in too. Process started and when they were ready to bring Sam out,they lowered the screen and we saw our little man arriving into the world.

Any fear I had of not loving him as much of the twins were immediately quashed and I was filled with an immense gush of love and tears.

He was taken away to be cleaned up and then bought straight to me....Samuel Mats Sundberg arrived finally into the world at 9.34am Thursday 12th April :D

My section experience was far better than i anticipated and I wouldn't be put off doing it all again.

My wound is infected in exactly the same place as last time but I'm getting fabulous care and hoping to be back on my feet asap!

Some pics for you all....

My last belly pic...HUGE... Tuesday 10th April


Sam's first photo





Awww he's beautiful hun, so glad you had a safe delivery and your both ok :) xxx

:hug: :hug: :hug:
Many congratulations........

what a gorgeous baby boy you have there..... well done !! :)
awwwww hun he is gorgeous!!!!!

congratulations and well done hun!!! :cheer:

welcome to the world baby Sam :cheer:
Just wanted to add my congratulations, he is perfect! So pleased it turned out better for you this time xxxx
A massive CONGRATULATIONS hun he's gorgeous
Congratulations!! He is beautiful <3
I'm glad you had a much better delivery this time round :hug:
Awww he's beautiful hun!! So glad your experience was better this time :D
Hope u heal well soon :hug:
he is so cute, i want a blonde baby!!!
glad ur home and well kirls, we have missed u!! :cheer: :hug:
enjoy ur little man, hes so perdy!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwwww he is wonderful! Such great expressions on his face too, he's going to be a right little character! Think I missed your time in hospital as I was juts being new mum so sorry for that, but glad it had a great outcome and went so much better than before. Hope you heal nice and quickly :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: Yaaaaayyyy for Samuel! OOooo we were going to call Debs Sam if she'd been a boy, but she wasn't (obviously lol) so we gave her Samantha as a second name.
Awwww KK - he is gorgeous!!! Glad you haven't been put of having more :D

Give him a squishy kiss from L & me xx
Ah hun he is truly gorgeous.

Im so glad that things went well

:D :D
congratulations on your new arrival, glad all is well..

now put your feet up girl :hug: :hug: :hug:
I'm really pleased you had a better experience this time. Congratulations, your son is gorgeous!
awwwww congratulations hun hes lovely :D xxxxxxxx

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