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Samuel George Evans 22.2.2011


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Nov 18, 2009
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Well ladies almost a week old i thought it was about time to write my birth story :)

Last sunday id been getting twingy pains on and off throughout the day. They werent regular or anything, so just carried on as normal. Went to bed that night with period pains but only mild. I had a really restless night as i was worrying about my nan who was travelling to austrailia that morning. I text my brother who had dropped her off at the airport at around 9.30am to ask him if she got off ok and to organise our lunch trip out. At arond 10am, still laid in bed i heard a loud pop and thought it was a bit odd. I got up to go to the toilet and felt a gush of water. So i tootled off to the toilet to check i hadnt peed myself and sure enough the fluid kept on leaking. So i put on a pad and went to ring triage who said to head down to get checked out around 1pm. I was getting strong braxton hicks and back pains. Triage had a quick look and confirmed that my waters had broken and told me that if labour hadnt started itself in the next 24 hours i would have to be admitted and induced. So we left triage and literally an hour later i started gettin regular contractions every 5-7 minutes lasting around 30 seconds each.

I managed to stay at home until around 11.30pm, by which time my contractions were every 3 minutes lasting around 45 second to a minute each. Arrived on labour ward and was examined, and was told i was 4cm dilated and in established labour, whoop. So they gave me paracetamol and me and hubby were left in the room to our own devices while midwife went off to see if there was anyone on duty trained in water births. She came back after 10 minutes and said that there was no one on duty trained in water births but i could use the pool as a "bath" to ease the pains. So she ran me the "bath" and i jumped in. I was in there for a good few hours, but started to feel really cold so got out and laboured on the bed for a while. It was a bit surreal really, we were chatting to the midwife, eating choccies and i was puffing on the good ol gas and air. I was examamined again and was told i was 6cms dilated. I was very pleased with myself.

We were moved into another room at around 8am as we were no longer using the pool and thats where we stayed for the rest of the labour. At 10am i was examined again as it made it 24 hours from my waters breaking and was told i was still 6cms dilated, bit gutted really as contractions will still strong and regular, but had to be put on syntocinon drip to encourage my labour to progress. I was hooked up to the heart monitor so they could keep an eye on babe, and was also given diamorphine. Did nothing for the pain of contractions but was ace in helping me get a little sleep between each of them haha.

Things get a bit hazy after that, i was so so tired by that point but after being examined i was told i was 10 cms and could start pushing at around midday. By 1pm, nothing had really happened. Babys head could be seen and was descending, but wouldnt stay down. I was getting tired and baby was getting distressed. Was checked out by a consultant and examined again. He said i couldnt push for an hour, to give me and baby a break to see if it made a difference. I started pushing again at 2pm. By around 20 past 2, id still not managed to progress anywhere, so gynae Dr was bleeped and decided that baby really needed to be out as he was getting really distressed. She told me they were going to use forceps, but by that point they could have chopped my bottom half off to get him out, i just wanted my lil man to be safe.I was given local anaesthetic in ma froof and the forceps were positioned around babys head. Was told to push on my next contraction and his head was out, next push his shoulders and then the rest of him. He was whisked off by a paed dr and examined and rubbed to get him going as he was a little blue and shocked at being pulled out so quickly. But he was placed on me afterwards and i fell in love with him straight away. I had to have an episiotomy and also tore so had to be stiched afterwards, which i laid and cried through lol.

Although i have to say the forcep delivery was quite traumatic at the time it was worth every minute of pain to have our little man with us.

Samuel George Evans was born at 14.37pm.... 1 hour old....(my face is so swollen because of the amount of crying id done lol)




5 days old.....



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Awww well done, he is gorgeous and daddy looks so proud!! xx
Oh my goodness what a gorgeous baby! :love: You did really well hun, congratuations! :yay:
He's gorgeous!! Well done Hun :) xx
He's soooooo gorgeous!!! Congratulations x

Sunnyb xxx
hun, samuel is such a gorgeous little man, and your hubby looks like a very proud daddy. huge congrats again xxxxxx
Aww congratulations, he is gorgeous! xx
and awww doesn't daddy look so proud!!
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How much did he weigh? He's gorgeous :) and well done you!

Congrats hun, he's gorgeous and he has lovely hair!!!! X

AWww he's proper cute!! Look at that hair!!! :eek:) Well done xxx

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