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Caleb Samuel...


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Jul 8, 2011
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Was born at 12:28 on 10/10/11

I had to go to the hospital at 7am for my c-section. When I got there they sent me to a waiting room where I'd speak to an anaesthetist and an obstetrician before my operation. The OB thought it was strange that I'd "only" been referred for a c-section because of a high estimated weight, but obviously it was booked so his opinion didn't matter!

At about 9:30 they came in and told me lady number 2 had just gone in for hers, I was number 3, so I'd be going in about half 11! This was when I started to get really nervous, I felt so sick from not having eaten since 10:30 the night before so that didn't help either!

At 10 they sent me to a private room to put on my gown, have a lay down etc. The midwive also shaved me downstairs. I'd heard horror stories about this, but I always keep myself very tidy down there, and she did it with clippers not a normal razor, so it was fine, and only OH was in the room so I wasn't bothered!

Then at 11:15ish they walked me round to the operating theatre. I went into it and sat on the bed where they told me what would happen with the spinal block etc. They then put my cannula in. That really freaked me out! Next it was time for the local anaesthetic in the back. They had to poke about first to find gaps in my back, and it was so painful, being prodded in the hips. The local anaesthetic really burned for about 30 seconds, but then I didn't feel the needle for the spinal so it was okay!

My legs immediately went numb so they span me round and got my legs up on the bed. The feeling of going numb was horrible but wore off and I just felt nothing.

The procedure seemed so quick! When I heard my LO cry for the first time I burst into tears! They weighed him then put him on my chest for skin to skin, that was when OH started crying! He was literally the most gorgeous baby I'd ever seen, looking into his eyes was so emotional!

The midwives were really good. As soon as I had my feeling back they let me get up, and took my catheter out! I was so happy! The pain was quite sore, but regular painkillers made it better... Caleb was good as gold, until they woke me up at 1am to feed him and he was crying until 5:30am!

I came home the next day and I'm so glad for that, the hospital food was disgusting, and there's nothing like getting into your own bed!

Caleb is doing so well, breastfeeding is a bit hit and miss, so hopefully we'll get some help from the midwife centre, and we'll get there eventually.

I'm so in love with my little man, he's the best thing that's ever happened to me!!! I'm not in much pain now, but even when my scar is aching and the pain is awful I look at him and forget it all, it was worth every second of discomfort, SPD, low blood pressure and dizziness!

Well done if you made it to the end, I just wanted to relive every single moment...



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Big congrats. So glad or went well for you. What did he weigh?
Awww he is lovely hunny! Congratulations, u did so well! xxx
Well done, he's lovely, congrats again x
Hes gorgeous!! Congrats again!!! what a lovely birth story, so glad u had a good experience (considering it was a section!) xx
Awww i was nearly in tears reading this, i bet its the best feeling in the world can't wait until i meet my wee one for the first time aswell....Congrats :D
hes gorgeous congrats x x x you cam out the day after you had him? if so thats great hun x x i might have to have c section and the one thing i didnt want was to stay in hospital for days x x x
Oh he's beautiful!
Well done you and congratulations again x
hes gorgeous congrats x x x you cam out the day after you had him? if so thats great hun x x i might have to have c section and the one thing i didnt want was to stay in hospital for days x x x

They had said I'd have to stay for 3 days but I was recovering well so the midwives and pediatrician said they were happy for us to come home!

Don't worry about having a csection, it's great. I feel really good now! Monday I had it, Tuesday came home, Wednesday felt a bit sore, Thursday went for a walk on the beach and friday I was in nandos for lunch with my boyfriend and caleb! As long as you do a little bit every day, the recovery is okay if you don't overdo it :)

Ressurecting an old thread here haha, but I've just been told by the health visitor that they did the conversion wrong and Caleb actually weight 10lb 4 and a half! So correction there! Xx

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