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Samuel Mats Sundberg

:dance: :cheer: Welcome little Sammy, Kirls he is absolutely beautiful, and what a beautiful blonde head he has!! You were so brave going through all that, well done, I am glad it hasn't put you off number 4!!

Love to Sammy from Teejy xxx :hug:
Hey M, Sam sends Teej hugs and wants to know what kept him, he had to wait a week!!! :D

Thank you for all of your kind replies ladies :hug:
Sorry only just catching up on here.. big congrats :D
Interesting story Kirls.... so glad you had a non-scary experience in the end. It sounds like you made the best of a long stay in hospital. Congrats on the lovely little Sammy boy xx
Sorry its late :oops: but a huge congrats. He's gorgeous :D
Congratulations Kirly - he's soooo lovely :D

Glad your experience was better this time around

LBxx :hug:
Congrats and He is Gorgeous hope you are up and about soon!
ive already said kk but he is gorge. Looks like a proper little cool dude and he is going to be a blonde bombshell!

well done on bringing a beaut to th world and Orans little twinnie
aww ive only just seen this he's gorgeous!!

congrats :cheer:

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