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Question about labour

Valley Girl

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Apr 10, 2007
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Even though I have done it before I am a little confused at the moment. I am sure you have all seen my moaning posts about fed up I am at being over due. Sorry about that! :oops:

What I want to know is this...

The thing that is annoying me the most currently is days coming and going with no signs that I haven't already been experiencing for about three weeks! I've not had a show, but didn't with my first two, so I'm not worried about that. I've had everything else, what I am missing is contractions. I remember with my last baby they just started in MacDonalds, no warning at all.

Can anyone reassure me that it can just happen like that, out of the blue. Cos the more days go past the more annoyed I get at not getting any 'signs'.
I had no signs with dd. I watched a movie at a friends house went home and started reading in bed and wham they started. This was at 10.10 pm and she was born at 3.35am

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