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  • Jeez the difference in emma when she went to on to formula was amazing! I felt guilty for not doing it earlier!!
    Breast feeding is brilliant when it's successful. I just worried about how much Oisín was getting because he was always cranky & fighting at the boob. Since he's been on formula I feel like a failure but he's happier & more content. I gues I didn't have as much perseverance as I thought I would. You live & learn!!
    You're doing better than me at the breast feeding! It upset me massively. My boobs caused O so many problems latching. I was constantly feeling guilty that I was maybe starving him & it all ended in a massive breakdown at 4am one night & me reaching for a carton of formula. You're doing well mrs but don't batter yourself about it.
    Aww I can imagine Emma's wee face. :) Every wee twinge now (just normal pregnancy twinges) & I keep thinking "C'mon body, do it!"
    Induction is booked for Thursday/Friday this week (depending on how busy they are) so one way or the other this wee fella has had his own way for long enough. :)
    Rest easy miss!
    Nah, I'm 99% certain my dates are spot on. Baby is just a wee messer.
    Does the Belfast girl miss Belfast at all?
    Nope, not a thing. F**k sake. I was just saying on a thread that I had went for a 7 mile walk today hoping to get things moving & the only thing it done was leave me crippled with the pelvic pains. I think I officially give up trying to evict. lol I really want to avoid an induction (I can't even tell you why) but nothing seems to work. Stubborn, stubborn wee baby. :)
    None, nada, went to the zoo today (which in Edinburgh is on the side of a mountain). Still a few hours left I guess. Any twinges from you?
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