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Apr 6, 2010
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Alanna has gone off her food big time, and the only things she will eat now, is fingerfoods! Wont let a spoon near her mouth, Im guessing cause shes teething, but I need ideas! Theres only so many times she can have toast and puree fruit for breakfast Lol

Ive done hommade burgers with hidden veggies, noodles with chicken and peas, hommade chicken nuggets and veggies, hehe :roll: and she normally gets sammiches and fruit for lunch but filler ideas would be fab!
Tuna and dairylee cheese are good in sandwiches x
Isla is currently tucking in to some cous cous with green peppers and sweetcorn! along with some roast parsnip. Google BLW recipes and you will find loads, highly recommend the savoury flapjack, vegetable muffins. I also make pancakes for her, and grate vegetables like courgette in to them.

Isla also likes twirly pasta with tuna and mayo (only a tiny bit just to stick the tuna to the pasta)

i think today is going to be messy!
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We give joshua tinned salmon (really high in calcium) paste, chicken in sandwiches! Tonight he had mash with salmon and peppers! He loves noodles! We literally give him anything we eat not! X lasagne, shepherds pie etc x
Charley has whatever I eat now. Breakfast normally is the same, porridge, toast or banana
Lunch is sandwiches. Jam, paste, marmite, dairylea as the filling, fruit, biscuit, rice cakes.
Tea is whatever we have like tonight was ham, cheese and leek pasta n sauce.
what do you guys put on toast? ive been puttin like fruit pouch stuff on em lol
Lizzie just has unsalted butter or cream cheese on her toast. She really likes avocado on toast too if you get the avocado ripe enough to spread :)
on toast my LO has soft cheese or melted cheddar or tuna n cream cheese to bind it, or sardines that R in a tun with tomato sauce or I make tomato sauce like u would with pasta bt put haricot beans in so its my own version of baked beans or make him an omellettw or scrambled eggs. Loves all of them xx
J has scrambled eggs or salmon (the only reason so much salmon is its high in calcium and he doesn't have regular milk) beans........ A paste as well! X
I was gonna ask what can I put in sandwiches or on toast? Oscar hates cheesy stuff and cream cheese, gagged over the smell of fish and was even worse on tasting it lol

He had red pepper yesterday and loved it, but then threw it all up again :sick:

Sorry to jump into this thread, but am just unsure what he can have. My mum said jam, and see it mentioned in here, but thought it would be too much sugar? Am happy to offer jam though if it's ok?? I used to love jam sandwiches when I was a kid!

Cheers all, and sorry Momma Kat for hijacking your thread!
i dont use jam, but fruit purees work the same!

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