Quick weaning question re Fruit v's Veg


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Aug 29, 2007
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I am weaning LO... and no matter what I give to her veg wise (just cooked and wizzed up), she won't eat it.. unless I put in a bit of purreed fruit, or a spoon of yoghurt.. same if I try her with any chicken meals (only tried organic jars so far)

Am I doing her any harm, if she is having sa 80% fruit to 20% veg everyday.
I do also sometimes mix in her milk, or baby rice, or baby rice pudding....but its the sweetness she prefers.
She started off eaying veggies, and liking them...
Maybe she just has a sweet-tooth? :think:
Have you tried sweet veg like yellow pepper or sweet potato? Their taste buds aren't developed much at this age from what I gather so maybe it's more of a texture thing? Nothing wrong with mixing fruit and veg tho, I have always done it and I love cranberry/redcurrant/apple sauce with meats so it's the same thing-also aids digestion.
Have you tried giving the veggies steamed/roasted as finger foods? Becky was never bothered about vegetable moosh but devours sticks of soft, steamed vegetables like there's no tomorrow. Might be worth a shot if you haven't tried already?
Ditto the above. Try some steamed or roasted veggies instead. Much more flavourful and interesting and she is defo old enough to be moving onto solids. They are soft when cooked and easily chewed. Taste a lot better than mushed up also IMHO. Looks more interesting also.

I"d be keener to get more veggies eaten if possible as that sweet tooth can be an awkward thing. Our LO seems to have a sweet tooth but I more often than not only give him a main meal of veggies and offer him at least 2 different veggies to eat, sometimes even 4 or 5 types so he can pick his own. He loves fruit but I make sure that while he eats it, we always have savoury first. Sometimes there is no fruit at all offered and he only has savoury and is fine with this.
I have tried sweet potato, even mixed with a little bit of cinnamon, which apparently sweetens it a little, and mixed with her own milk.... :shakehead:
However... I did go out and buy my own weight in veggies yesterday, peppers were included... so might try her on that tonight. Should I steam the peppers, to make them a little softer??

Re the finger foods....well.. the only thing so far, she'll have is toast...but she hasn't got the chewing bit sorted out, and normally gets a bit stuck, gags, and throws up what she has already eaten..
HOWEVER!!!... I'm off to cook some carrot fingers for her lunch... and gonna try egg today too... :think:

Fanks for your advice ladies...

I do start off with just veggies in her bowl... but the more she gets upset and won't eat.. the more inclined I am to add a little spoon of say, pear purree , just so she eats something...


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