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Jul 11, 2007
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went to pick Ellie up last night and they told me she wouldnt eat her dinner so they had to make her something else, we thought it was because shes not feeling well but looked on her daily report sheet and they had made.......

chilli con carne and couscous.!!!!

to be honest i'm not surprised she wouldnt eat it, we have only just started weaning and she has quite bland food at home mainly veggies and fruit, we were abit surprised that they had given it to her to be honest especially as we had told them we were just beginning to wean her.

has anyone else come across this?

there is an option for her to have jars but we really dont want her to have them if we can help it, she does fine with chicken and veggies, they gave her fish cakes a couple of days ago which she wasnt too keen on, i know new flavours do take some getting used too.
omg- i think i would feel a bit annoyed that they tried to feed a baby of that age chili con carne and cous cous-
i wouldn't eat that!!! sorry never come across this before, i used to work in a day care nursery and the meals were stuff like mashed creamy potatoes with a bit of mince/sauce- and stuff like that..and the younger babies were certainly not given that- they had whatever the parents gave us (there own purees etc) or they had mashed up bits of the main meal if it was suitable!
i bet your hopping!!! :doh: its a bit ott giving them chilli and cous cous without your consent first, im suprised they dont do just chicken and veg and mash potato!! Can you ask ion advance for a menu sheet for the week?? that might help then you can plan
how about making your own purees and taking them in? :hug:
my nursery are like that. i complained so they bought her the jars i wanted and don't give her crisps, chocolate etc that they give to the othe babies (under age 1!!!!). and i insisted on organic ones and my own purees!

how are they allowed to give them such crap- when i looked at the offsted report it said their meals were nutrious!! what a joke.

you can make an annomous complaint to offsted.

i totally understand how you feel though x

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