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Jun 10, 2007
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Our baby will be due his MMR jab (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) at the end of the year and its time to think about making a decision as to whether we should give him the jab. Normally I would have no hesitation, but a close friend has an autistic boy who was totally fine before he had the MMR and then had problems very shortly after the jab. My friend in convinced that the jab was the cause and although he didn't advise us either way, he pointed out the facts of what happened to their child. I know its our decisions but I'm really scared to give him the jab. If he didn't have it, what possible problems could it cause? Should we just let our little boy get measles?

I'm confused about all of this conflicting information! Then on the news the other day it stated that incidences of autism have increased since the introduction of MMR. What do you all think? Any info appreciated!
If you are unsure of giving the combined jab but still want him to be vaccinated you can get single jabs. Unfortunetly they are only available privately and you have to pay.

I said on another thread that this is a subject where everyone has an opinion. All I can say is do what feels right to you. There is no right or wrong.

I have not let Seren have the MMR, not because of the autism link but because I was concerned about the amount of immunisations she was getting. Instead I have decided to pay for the measles one (I was very ill with measles when I was younger) and if she is to have the other 2 then I will get them done at a later date. It took a lot of soul searching and reading to make a decision but I feel happy with this one. I was told that I am irresponsible blah blah blah but I feel confident in my decision and have read around a lot. Saying that I can also see why people have the combined one, most of my friend's children have and I dont think they are wrong.

There is a lot of conflicting info unfortunetly but all I can say is read as much as you can, and make the decision that feels right for you. Good luck with it.
i was watching news today and apparantly the MMR jab has no link with autism

but because people arent letting their children have the jab the measles disease has risen dramtically
1 child died last year, first in 25 years, i think :think:
i know already emily will have hers
if anything id rather her be austic than get brain damage from measles
i know chances are slim but i live in a high risk area

its up to you though
i advise u to think hard and reade as much as you can

I have been havin this problem to but after some research i have decided to pay for Keeley to have the jabs done separtly(sp)

I feel if she has the MMR i wil be always lookin for illness but i think the jabs wil give me peace of mind

Its upto you tho... do what you think is best :hug:
Thanks for the replies.

I've done some reading and from what I've read it seems that there is little risk of the MMR jab. Funnily enough that doctor Andrew Wakefield was on the news a couple of days ago surrounding the big controversy. The consensus is that autism starts to show at around the same time that children get the MMR jab and is merely coincidental which is why parents put two and two together (according the the NHS published research). I can't help but think that those parents with autistic children and my friend who has an autistic child disagrees.

Regarding having the jabs separately, from what I've read its best to have them all together and that having them separately is not recommended. I'm just so confused right now. I know what our government are like for covering things up and I don't entirely trust the research by the drug companies who are biased anyway. Our baby is so healthy at the moment and like any parent I only want the best for him.

I think I'll have to do some more research! Is the MMR jab used in the states as well as the UK?
What age are the NHS claiming that Austism symptoms start to show? Ellie is due hers in a months time.

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