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Apr 2, 2010
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Who else is on iron tablets? I have just had a call from midwife saying I need them and she's written a prescription for me, two a day.
I've always been low on iron, due to my crappy diet, but I think my levels must have dropped some more.
The only thing I'm really worried about is that I want a home birth and although they can't make me go to hospital, they might suggest it's better if my levels don't go up I guess?
How quickly can they tell if the iron tablets are enough? My mum had iron tablets and still ended up having iron injections near the end as well which i don't want!!
Also, how quickly can you tell if they are gonna make you constipated, or is that just a given? Maybe I should stock up on the old fybogel :)

Any other info on the whole 'iron' thing would be great, thanks in advance!
my ironlevels are always very high haha due to the meatcravings i guess!
Irontableets dont have to make you constipated, sometimes they even have the oppesit affect ;)

thats my knowledge about irontablets covered...
I am on iron tablets and I'm still all go for home birth. The only time my mw mentioned iron with home birth is that if you don't know you're anaemic you can bleed a lot more than they expect and might need to be transferred but if you're on the tablets and taking them then you're iron should rise quite quickly. I only started them on Friday and haven't been told I can't have my home birth.
I'm on iron tablets because of the twins and have been since I was about 16 weeks. I make sure I have a big drink of fresh orange every morning and have that keeps me regular :lol:
My iron was low at 28weeks i think. Was prescribed Iron Tabs and they made me ill ...felt shitty, queezy, tired! So i came off them and went on Spatone (from boots and all good chemists) i was having 2 sachets a day in fresh orange (Vit C helps body absorbe iron) and then when they did my bloods last time my HB is a good healthy normal 11 :lol: So now im on 1 spatone a day you cant get it on prescription tho and its like £8.00 for 24 sachets but well worth the money IMO im gunna stay on a sachect every few days after hes born. :)
I've been taking Spatone sachets too ever since I found out I was pregnant as I'm vegetarian and been borderline anaemic before. When I had my first bloods done, my iron levels were good. Just had bloods taken last week so will find out if the Spatone is still doing the job!
I've been on them for a while and they have brought my iron levels up to just under the required limit (my iron was stupidly low to start with though).

I've found that I've been fairly regular with bowel movements, just drink lots of OJ, have some fibre and fruit and you should be fine.

If you feel rough having taken them it might be you're on the wrong dose so I'd go back to your doctors if that happens.

Hope that helps!
ive been on iron tablets for 3 weeks now, 2 a day and they've made me feel alot brighter and alert but happily not constipated :D x

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