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  • hey hun hope u and noa are ok, is it tommorrow your taking him to be weighed? hope you get on ok and he's put on lots of weight for you x
    Just picked up on your last question.... No husband is Catholic - even then still had "traditions" to do when son was wee lol - keep updating your pics. I remember when Joshua was born he was really white and now he's like a latte lol
    Hi Evelina, sorry to bother you but just a quick question I remember that you posted several weeks ago about shooting pains in the lower area - I am having these really bad tonight just wondering did you find out what these were and do you still have them. They really are sore!! PS Happy Due Date and you will soon get there xx
    aww thankyou, i'm sorry!! just getting me head round me and my new life, i love it - but lots of routine changes! hehe. i will be more often from now on! how are you missus? xx
    Oh how exciting - a boy! Many congrats... my wee boy is my world he's just so gorgeous - just like his daddy lol
    Oh yes! We've been married just under 5 years now! I met him in Gambia then he moved here to be with me. Is your OH from Gambia? I think I saw a photo of you with a black guy somewhere... lol
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