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Aug 12, 2008
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I had a call from the midwife today and my iron levels have come back low so they are giving me iron tablets. I'm relieved in a way coz i thought me feeling this tired all the time was just general pregnancy and running around after 3 other children,oh n a hubby lol. Glad its not just been me moaning for nothing now!
Has anyone else been on em n i've heard they make u feel a bit sick,and how long till ur energy picks up again?i've never had low iron before so just wondered if anyone else knew.
I'm on Pregaday and I agree, it was a relief when the results came back as low as otherwise I was starting to wonder what was going on! I felt much better after 3 days of taking them but am now taking half a one more as I started feeling similar again last week and my iron levels are apparently not too low but lower than average and again it's taken a couple of days to notice a difference.

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I'm on them too but tbh ive still not felt a difference
Im supposed to be on them as lost a lot of blood during my c-section, however I have been told then can cause constipation and as Im soooo constipated since the operation (apparently they have to handle your bowels which makes them very slow for a while), I refuse to take the iron tablets until Im a little more regular!
I've been on iron tablets for about a week now, haven't really felt any different though, still knackered!!
Im on iron tabs have been for a most of my pregnancy and will be on them until the end as my level is low, ive not really noticed much difference ie energy wise, in the beginning i had the problem with constipation but thankfully the last few months have got better i drink lots of water and a glass of fresh orange juice everyday so i think that works for me i also eat weetabix and other cereals that have fibre in the so i think that helps also.
I needed them in my 2nd pregnancy and never had any issues with constipation - they just make your poo black!! :lol:

My energy levels perked up within a couple of days from what I remember. Hope they do the trick for you :hug:
I was aneamic in my first 2 pregnancys and had to take iron tablets,not only did they not make me feel any better but also gave me terrible constipation which resulted in very sore painful piles which actually bought tears to my eyes.With my last pregnancy and this one i have made sure i am eating iron rich foods and taking pregnacare tablets to avoid having them be honest i would rather put up with being tired and lethargic than the bum grapes and constipation lol

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