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  • Hey, Hardly ever get a chance to come on here at the moment and we're still waiting to TTC no 2 so no real need to and so many other things to do. But i've just logged on and wanted to see if you had got youre BFP and see by your signature that you have - Massive Congratulations. I really hope you have a healthy pregnancy. Frankie x
    Hey hun just wanted you to know I did what you did earlier this week, took a test line spotted and I think I got excited too soon. Hope af is being nice to you.
    Just wondering how Isla was getting on?

    I have been experimenting. As soon as Lewis gets grizzly and rubs his eyes (and doesn't need feeding) i have been putting him in his pram and taking him round the block(sometimes with a pashmina over to make it darker). 9 times out of 10 he goes to sleep within the forst 5 mins. Then I take him home and put him in the conservatory. If he starts to murmer or its around 30mins I rock him and sometimes he goes off again and can go for another 30mins.

    Turns out he is grizzly because he is tired and believe me he has been a different baby this week. It has made all the difference. He is so much happier. Instead of a couple of 30mins her or there he has been getting about 3 30min naps and 1 long hour nap. Once or twice he has gone for an hour and 30mins.

    It has been hard work but it means he is a much happpier baby wihen her is awake. Eventually I will try and get him to sleep inside perhaps. But for now the pram and the sleep sheep will do.
    thanks lovely keep in touch i will still be popping in ttc to keep eye on you hope you will be following me soon xx
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