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I'm SICK of hospital's now!!


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May 6, 2007
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Had my 28 week bloods and anti-d (OUUUCH!!!) on thursday, then as of 4pm that day ive had sharpe pains just under my left boob and its worse when i breath in and it's reeally bad when i lay on either of my sides so ive had to try and sleep sitting up!

so went to the GP yesterday and she said go to the hospital as i may have a PE (Pulminary embilism) so we sat up there for 8 HOURS!!! and all id had was an x-ray and someone try and get bloods from me but she couldnt! so i went home cos i was so tired,

So went up there this morning and was seen within an hour and a half and he said that my uterus is really high and that's why im getting the pain! I dunno why its so high as the baby is transverse!! My mum said maybe it was because my uterus didnt have time to go back down to its normal size after my miscarriage as i got pregnant within 2 weeks after? So i would be 4 days overdue now if i hadnt of miscarried. I just want my bed now! :(
well its likely that your uterus is so high because your baby is transverse. Just before Little miss started engaging.. I used to get the most horrible pains in my chest and my ribs ached liked I'd been beaten up... also I had trouble catching my breath because of the pressure on my lungs.

Until your little one goes head first, it is likely that your uterus will remain high... a miscarriage wouldn't make your uterus high as a uterus never moves but expands, so it's likely that your uterus was high in the first place.

but big hugs for the whole hospital thing... I've been avoiding that place like the plague... :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
so looks like ill have to cope with it for at least another few weeks then? :(
The next time you get the pain, get down on all fours and sway. It might help. I get terrible rib pain and last night I tried that for the first time and it went away instantly!!

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