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Jun 6, 2010
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Okay so i went to the midwife yesterday and everything went great i heard babys heartbeat etc and also found where she lay etc.I had a dr come in and talk to me and explain because i had a blood clot on my lung when i was 18 iam on very high alert also that makes me a high risk hense why hospital keeping a eye on me.

Now i had some bloods taken as normal and i have just received a letter from the hospital asking me to come in tomorrow at 10am because something to do with my recent blood that was taken although say there is no immate concern iam shitting myself.

Also i had a very painfull back yesterday but i did some decorating which im not used to it back feels abit better today
:hugs: try not to worry,I'm sure everythin will b fine...at least they're keepin an eye on u. Xxx
Thanks hun but i cant not worry because this is the first time they have called me back in there must be a reason there has something to be done with my bloods...:(

Anyone eles been in the same state as me?
Sorry hun, I've not been in your situation but they would've phoned if it was something urgent, rather than sending a letter so at least that's something!
Good luck for tomorrow and try not to worry x
Good luck for tomorrow and take comfort in the fact that they are monitoring u rather than u havin to chase them x
Thanks everyone thats what my friend has said if it was urgent they would have called me straight back in im just wondering what it could be regarding a blood test x
From your post in the other section, is it because your aneamic? could be low iron levels :hug:
Rósa;1700928 said:
From your post in the other section, is it because your aneamic? could be low iron levels :hug:

ive not been told iam so i dont know
what happend when u found out n what does that mean
Like I said babe just iron tablets 1, 3 times a day. They make you poo black and can cause tummy upsets just to warn you. make sure you take them with plenty of time inbetween if you have to have them. x
iam on iron tabs already thou i did a miss a day or so perhaps that could have effected the blood tests what do you think?
don't now hun just calm down have a bath and relax it'l all be fine i'm sure. *hugs*
Thanks im trying to stay calm its just playing on my mind i feel better since talking to my mum about it but ive gotta tell my fella when he comes home from work yet x

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