Having my baby (in hospital now!!! Woot!!!)

Aw no! That's pants! x hugs x
oh no evie.. Just started to read this thread and got excited and now nothing.. I hope they do something for you x
I can't begin to describe how amazingly pissed off I am

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My husband has just got all his shifts covered for paternity and everyone I know thinks I'm having the baby now and my mum who lives 50+ miles away is coming over this weekend to see her grandchild grrrraaauuuggghhhh!!! Fuckin twatwits!

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Oh no!!! Dont let them let u out!!! lol xxx
Lol! I'm so annoyed!

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the scan should show your waters have gone wont it some dr are dumb they do my head in when they try and make you out a liar
If they try to send you home ask for a second opinion, you know your own body better than them and they should believe you if you say your waters have gone ! bloody hospitals, id be doing my nut in!
flippin heck, they seam to just be rodding u off evie, i agree, stomp ur feet and say ur not going home and deserve your baby today after waiting over 5 weeks, lol

good luck hun,

They said that the scan tells them nothing and I could have had 2x as much water yesterday then today. They saying now there is still way too much water around the baby still and I could have gestational diabetes and a possibility of three different infections but its too late in pregnancy to test for any of this and I told them my scar is really hurting and they said no wonder because the amount of water inside me it's stretching me too much and now my bp is fine but my temperature is up! Bet they will still send me home!

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Your well over due though! They should induce you no matter what! x x
Why are they so against inducing people before 12 days over?! This is rediculous! You clearly need (and also want) baby to be skinside, so why are they being so stupid!

Really hope they get their act together for you soon evie :hug:
yeah agreed with laceymummy, you are pretty overdue! you'd think they would just induce you! spesh as you have been having 'roblems'!
They want me to be 14 days over I think they are still talking ATM! I said I want to talk to him too and they were like oh ok we were just going to phone call what we were doing

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Ahh thats soo stupid, i know someone that was induced on their due date !! Thought i would come back to your baby being here, silly doctors. really hope things move along soon and babys here xxx
Hold your ground evie!! Ask to speak to someone in person and tell them how tired of all of this you are. you are ready for bubs NOW!
Oh Evie, what a nightmare, I guess they are thinking about the induction happening too fast and rupturing the C-section scar in your vbac labour, that's the only reason I can think off, but surely if they think any waters have gone they shoudld induce very slowly due to the 48 hr rule and infection risk, they can't leav you like this now?

Hope they see sense Hun, have a full scale paddy in the hosp coridoor and see what that does Hun X (this has been going on for weeks now)
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