Having my baby (in hospital now!!! Woot!!!)

That's great, good luck Evie! Hopefully baby will come without needing the induction, fingers crossed for you xx
Good luck!! Xx

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good luck beautifu!!! hope he little one gets out aturally! will be thinking of you lots!! xx
Oh yeayyy just seen this, hope everything has started kicking off for you, if not later today for Def !

Good luck to you, hope it all goes really smoothly

Horray another baby on the way... wonder if it is a little girl , that was my guess !
Still no contractions haha!! With only 5 hours to wait I'm going to try and sleep a little as I'm tired only had two hrs sleep last night and I think I may need my energy haha!! Just had a hot shower so I'm all clean and shaved legs and under arms so not hairy haha!! Disided to leave the floob haha!! Last thing I want in the morning is them examining me oh mrs smith your x cm dilated - oh what a nasty shaving rash hahahahaha :rotfl: getting nervous now!!! Lol!!!

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aw you'll be fine cant wait to I come on ans youve had the baby, good luck xx
Phew, at last!!!! Good luck Evie its all go now :yay:

thank god you didnt try to shave the floof....how can you see/reach it lol, i cant. oh wants to assist but dont trust him lol xx
Really pissed off been on a ward all this time and now they are saying they might not even induce me because they can't see any evidence of rupture - I was told last night it was a high rupture and they will brake the front water today so now I'm really pissed!! Just had the doctor come round and give me a sweep and an examination and say he will send me for a scan and see what that tells him it's like omg! My bathroom floor was covered and then he tells me if I'm induced I may have scar rupture :wall2: and then I rang my mil and husband like 6 times each my fil 3 times and finally got in contact with my sil lol!! They are ALL in asda shopping and no one Hurd their phones!! They know how shit the signal is in there!! And now I'm sat here with all my baby stuff and labour bag with no pains and I might not even come out with baby!! Pissed off!!!! Grrrrrr!!

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oh my god how shitty for you!!!! id demand they give you a baby! strap yourself to a bed n tell them you yare not leaving until you hve a baby!!!! xxx
I'm well peed off when I had my DD they said it was more water than they had ever seen before now they are lookin for a marker point of lowest liquid they would allow around the baby and if I fall under it they r just leaving me!!

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