I see a line but wont show up in pic :(


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May 30, 2011
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Well, my test today has shown a very faint line but dont know if its an evap or not, and worse still, i cant see it in a pic.
it came up in the time limit and to me looks pinky but i really dont know.

any tips for getting it to show up on a pic? x x
can you post the pic to see if anyone else can see it hun, sometimes all it needs is a fresh pair of eyes to help decide if there's a line there or not xx
Hey Hun - i have an app on my phone Wer I can adjust the gamma and colour etc. If you post the pic I will have a mess about and repost if you like? X

Heres one pic but i really cant see on it what i see in real life x x
Hey Hun - i have an app on my phone Wer I can adjust the gamma and colour etc. If you post the pic I will have a mess about and repost if you like? X

what's the app if you don't mind me asking?x
Here you go Hun , i messed about with the gamma on the first pic, the brightness and contrast on the second and the last image is inverted x



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Cc86 the app is called iPicEd Lite x

Welsh - I think I may see a very very faint line. How many DPO are you?

I *think* I see a faint line on inverted one!

Thanks loopy :)


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Thank you loopy, i can kinda see it on the inverted 1. im between 10 and 3dpo today. im not 100% sure on what day i ov'd but it was def the fathers day weekend x x
I see something too hun!
And I tried playing with it, and couldn't get a good result to put here.. but I can see that there's something there when changing the lightness and contrast etc. But it's like you only see it while changing it because you see there's something changing in one spot, (or line :p) but when you just have it still that area looks almost the same as the rest off the strip. But yeah, I see something faint! Hope it's a BFP!!!
Well definate bfn on a clear and simple strip. oh well, gonna test in a few days unless the witch gets me x x
hey hun my tests are still doing the same! im sure i can see something but my camera wont pick it up x
Its a pain in the bum lol. iv even just realised i got my cycle dates wrong. thought af was due today but its not due till sun or monday. i cant think straight lol. x x
im 10 days late now and with the spotting i had at the weekend im getting even more confused!! xx
Our bodies dont half play with our heads dont they lol. just wish it could be so simple sometimes lol.

with my dd, the positive came up very dark the first time and i had no doubts lol. that was the day af was due x x
i know its so flipping frustrating!!! its the spotting i had that i dont understand!! xx
Welshunny: I think I see something as well. I guess you just have to wait a couple of days and than take another test. When I posted pictures of my tests I had taken the picture with my camera with the "close up" function on. Maybe this will help?

Wish you lots of luck!
I used the close up option on my o.hs xeperia mini but still had to be quite away from it so it wasnt blurry. iv put a post up with todays test x x
I think what you can see on the inverted one is the antibody strip, sorry :flower:
Maybe try another in a couple of days xx

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