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Highly emotional at the moment


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Nov 18, 2007
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Hi Girls :wave:

What a week it has been - an emotional rollercoaster :lol: Spent most of the week in a foul mood, and everyone treading on eggshells around me. then it turned to weepiness on Thursday - uncontrollable sobbing because my OH and I were talking about his new job which means he wont be around that much. i have never cried like that!!!

Then yesterday, i woke up, and just felt better, fo no reason. went to see my folks to apologise for my mood swings, and mam just started laughing and gave me a hug. "it's your hormones, but we couldnt tell you that!" Dad laughed and carried on doing what he was doing. then OH came to pick me up and everyone, including me, had a good giggle about it.

My first emotional experience of being pregnant :D

Anyone else feel like they are going insane this week?!?!?! :twisted:
tell me about it! haha! i think i have been an emotional paranoid mess the past few days! haha i find myself welling up and being emotional when my OH says the slightest little thing.lol

awwww bless us! ha ha ha

ive been the very same this last few days ive been very very weepy just hoping things settle down for xmas lol
hi skimpy

Fret not girly..... im also an emotional wreck lately!!!!!

ive just balled my eyes out watching 'same difference' on X factor!!!!!!!! and i mean REALLY BALLED!!!!!!!!
lol :lol:
Yup, I'm sobbing like a baby at adverts, emails from friends - it's pretty embarrassing. Also surprised OH is talking to me since I go between being a helpless sobbing mess and screaming like a banshee! Luckily one of our friends gave us a baby book that says it's all normal, so I think he's relaxed a bit to think it will end. Someday!
Oh yes!

Yesterday i cried all day, for the silliest of reasons. First, the tiling in our new kitchen was taking too long, then my brother who is fitting our bathroom said it will take a little longer than thought and he may have to finish in the new year, and then to top it off, i was watching Superman Returns and i cried and cried and cried like a crazy person! The worst bit about it was i have seen it before so knew it was a happy ending anyway!

so don't worry about it, we all go through it :cry:


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