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good treatment for dry hair?


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Feb 2, 2005
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I have gone from dark brown hair to blonde hair its took loads of dying and i have lost a few inches of the lenth :evil:
it feels quite dry does any one know a really good deep treatment worth trying? and using once in a while to keep it healthy?

thanks in advance :D
the aussie intense repair stuff is good, its a conditioner you leave in for a few minutes and then wash out, you can buy it in sachets or bottles from boots, superdrug etc, makes your hair so soft after using it
Lee Stafford stuff is brilliant, i swear by it.
I have brown hair and went to alot lighter blonde and my hair went really dry, sometimes even hard to put a brush through it. My best friend is a hairdresser and told me when conditioning the hair after shampoo'ing leave on the conditioner for at least 3 minutes and brush it through whilst still on.

Also i use ghd opulence mask for colour treated hair once a week, it helps keep the colour for longer and really moisturisers my hair for days. I found it on the internet, it can be a bit pricey but its the only thing i found works.
wow firstly it looks gorgeous! love ur new avatar

iv always had quite dry hair its like afro without GHDs and i am also a fan of lee stafford poker straight conditioner and the aussie deep conditioning (they both smell yummy too!)
also remember to use a good heat protection spray (from a salon) if ur using hairdryers and GHDs. :)
aw thanks :oops: i needed to update my avatar thoguh as the other pic was from 3yrs ago :lol:

mine goes a bit like yours MissSara hard to brush, it feels like cotton wool some times :shock:

i dyed it dark blonde with brown streaks at first and liked it then i got carried away added loads more and ended up BRIGHT blonde so then dyed it brown and started the blonde again!! so its had a bit of a hammering.

i will try some of the bits you's have recomended - Thanks girls
I find Aussie Miracle stuff to be fab. Boots has a special offer on it atm too. £6 for any 2 bottles :)
I vote Aussie stuff too! The 3 minute miracle conditioner smells so yummy too :D
Deffo recommend Aussie 3 minute miracle, its great stuff :D
buy pure coconut oil and leave it on over night and wash it out in the morning.

it leaves your hair sooooo soft, im always dying my hair and it always makes it soft again.
cheers chicks :D
i bought some ausie stuff today and i bought the shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair so will have a pampering tomorrow

paradysso - your always changing your pic too lol you used to be black didnt you? looks lighter in your avatar now
lol yeah had a brief momment of madness and had highlights, but its plum colour now :rotfl:

will update my pic asap!

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