Hair colouring Help after using Colour B4

Discussion in 'Health, Beauty & Dieting' started by faye_figgs, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    Advice/Suggestions - much appreciated

    (My natural hair color is mousy brown -- ish )

    I have been bleaching my hair (highlights) for a good few years - occasionally alternating to a dark brown and then starting the bleaching process all over again building up to an almost all over bleached head of hair (ashy blonde). My last color attempt (aiming for mid brown) ended up almost black due to my hair being so porous.

    I heard about color b4 and wish I had discovered it sooner! I used it today as it has successfully removed the dark color leaving me with a much more workable canvas.

    My color now is much lighter but has a slightly orange tone. Would a second application help to lighten my hair further?

    The color I want to achieve is a natural looking very light brown ......not far off from what it looks out now, just without the orange/red tinge - then I can gradually darken if needed until I reach the desired shade.

    I am not sure which color to go for as
    1. my hair is very porous and will always come out darker than the color displayed
    2. I do not want the color to be too light so it will not make a difference at all

    I have been looking at Nice N Easy (8 washes) beige blonde 70 and medium ash blonde 73. Although some posters have said that their hair has turned black after using this?? (they haven't mentioned using color b4).

    There doesn't seem to be many Level 1 hair colorants out there and I don't want to risk going to dark and having to start the process again.

    Many thanks for any advice/thoughts! :D

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  2. Kayelle

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    Aug 27, 2011
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    Hmmm I'm not sure about the semi ppermanent, but nice and easy as a brand are ace. I would go for the beige blonde, as you said going a shade darker is better, good luck! X
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    After stripping your hair colour you hair becomes v v porous so always colour with a shade lighter than what you want. Ignore the colour on the picture-to neutralise the red/orange tones you need a colour with ash in it. I'm a hairdresser btw x also go with a 25 wash hair colour-u will get fade with a permanent colour anyway due to the porosity after stripping xx

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