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cnt believe peoples bumps


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Sep 20, 2007
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i cant believe how so many bumps are different sizes, some people are further than others with tiny bumps and some are not that far with huge bumps, sorry just been lookin at the tummy pics and am mesmorised lol x
It is surprising how much they vary. I think I'm gonna be the same as last time and have a small bump that everyone comments about for being too small :roll:
im, huuuuuggggggeeee, its not nice though, i was shopping yest and a lady said to my mum, ah bless her, shes huge isnt she, bet shes knackered carrying that round.

my mam said shes got three months left yet

and woman replied, god help her then, she looks due now!!!

i was really upset!!!
Some people are so insensitive :x

They wouldn't comment on the size of your stomach normally but think when you're pregnant your bump becomes public property for them to give marks out of 10 :roll:
It really irritates me too that people feel that it's ok to comment on your weight all the time and say things like 'Ha! You're getting fatter as I'm getting thinnner!' (One particularly insensitive comment I received). I think you can be paranoid enough about gaining too much or too little weight in pregnancy anyway without people reminding you of it the whole time. :evil:

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