C-Section and bleeding length after?

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Jan 10, 2010
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Hi girls,

I had C-section on 6th Jan , bled quite heavily , lost over a litre in surgery, and continued to bleed heavily - and a week later the bleeding stopped, with just a smidge on a panty liner (changed from using big momma pads).

Now at 9 days still nothing at all ! Should I expect it to come back?

Once breastfeeding got going i did get alot of blood after 10 mins of a feed , when I could feel the uterus contract down first, then the bleeding would start. (This is the first baby I have breastfed).

Had a postnatel check today with comunity midwife and she says uterus cannot be flt anymore, fully contracted down, so perhaps thats it?

With my others , my uterus went down much quicker , but I bleed quite hevily for 4 full weeks ish ?

Any one else stopped bleeding this early? Is it to do with breastfeeding?

Thanks JJ
Sounds like you're all done :)

I only bled for a couple of days and was expressing, then had a normal period in about 9 weeks.
I only bled heavily for 3-4 days and then, same as you, for a while I would get blood after a feed (the oxytocin released contracting uterus) and then by 3 weeks it had stopped entirely. MW told me that around then 10 day mark there is usually another increase in bleeding for a day or so, so you might get a little more but I think from about 10 days I only had to wear a thin panty liner until 3 weeks just for tiny bits of blood.
wow - should I be worried then? I'm still "bleeding" (lochia plus the occasional bit of red blood) and I had my section on 24th Dec!!! xx
No dont think so - i was told it varies from person to person and can be up to 6 weeks and is often longer for women who have had sections.
Thanks girls , that would be great if thats me done then -yayyyy
seems like evryones diff but i bled for over a week, bf, and got a period (or so i thought) after 6weeks but i think it was a continuation of the bleeding... just had my second period now after stopping bf at 8 weeks!
I bled for amost 3 weeks on and off and just got first af now

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