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Constant bleeding on Microgynon after childbirth??


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Dec 27, 2009
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Before having both my boys i'd always taken Microgynon 30 without any problems.

After having Leo back in 2007 i went back on it and had no problems at all.

8 weeks after i had tyler (born march 2011) i went back onto Microgynon 30 and haven't yet stopped bleeding and i am now on my second pack!!!

Is this normal???

I started taking it from the 1st day of my true period, didn't miss any pills, and continued to bleed whilst taken them and through to my 7 pill free week.
Now i am in week two of my 2nd pack and have been bleeding on and off every couple of days, its so annoying, not to mention embarrassing and expensive as for the past 5 weeks i've had to keep buying tampons!

Anyone had this before??

Could this pill all of a sudden no longer agree with me???
It might just be your body getting back to normal after pregnancy. It is a long time to bleed for though.
When I was 1st on that pill (a very long time ago) I bleed for 2 weeks.
Afew years later my body started reacting to it by being sick everyday about 4 hours after taking then I fell pregnant with Lacey while on it. It's 1 pill I'd never take again.
Maybe give this pack a try and if you haven't finished bleeding by the end of it then go back to your doctor x x
Hi hun, although its not technically the same, I was put on mycrogynon when i was 15 and had no problems with it whatsoever. When i was 17 i bled for 2 months constantly, through my pill free days and through two full packs. I started my 3rd pack and continued to have break through bleeding so i went to the drs. They sent me for an ultrasound to make sure my ovaries and uterus were ok (pregnancy wasnt an option at the time) and that was all fine, so the Dr said it was the pill no longer working with my body, changed my pill and I have been fine ever since xxx
I had exactly the same thing after having DS1 and it went on for a few months but had been fine for years before that. I stopped taking it and have had DS2. Been back on it for a month and a half now, still no bleed, so hoping ok this time x x

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