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Jun 9, 2008
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Today I had no bleeding at all...an was thinking I was lucky for it all to have stopped. Been out and about today, which really gave me back ache. Anywho just been expressing for an hour and suddenly felt this Gish and I have filled a pad with blood! Trickled down and out te top of my pants onto the sofa! It's really shaken me up and worried hubby...though part of me is relaxed about it as I think it may be because I was expressing?!

Is it normal for bleeding to come and go...and is it prominent when expressing/breastfeeding? I have no fever and my scar doesn't look swollen.
How long ago did you give birth hun? Maybe you just did a bit too much today and then like you say with the expressing you did x
Week ago today...via a c-section.x

I'm not sure how c-sections make you bleed but I still have to wear a pad. Sometimes I'll get up and feel a small gush or if I'm walking about for a while. Infact my mw said that your loss will be less the more you rest. So the fact you did alot today would explain it. Sounds normal to me SS I wouldnt worry. If something was wrong there would be a far bigger bleed I'm sure.
SS, it's the feeding that caused that bleeding.

I mostly stopped bleeding after 1 week from the section, but each time I would start BF and after pretty much exactly 10 mins of feeding, I would feel wet , like when you know your bleeding, and when checked had bled on my towel. It's the BF causing the wob to contract that causes the bleeding. All good , but a bit off putting. I wouldn't really bleed any other time other than spotting then.

I only get the odd spotting now at 6 weeks, but still wear a panty liner now as get the odd bit. Apparently your periods can mean you don't bleed as normal when you continue to BF, so all good as a bonus while I continue...

When I bottle fed after my sections with my other kids, I bled (big flooding) for 4 weeks then stopped and periods came back, so very different this time when BF.

hope that helps
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Thats not long really, I bled for about 5 weeks...I wouldn't worry hun I think it's normal to bleed like that x

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