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BFN but am i to early?


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Oct 10, 2007
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I know, I know, i always tell everyone else that its better to wait to avoid the disappointment but i have a bag full of hpt and they have had their wicked way with me, plus everything its just screaming out PREGNANT to me or my body is playing horrible tricks.

Anyway its a BFN, how gutted do i feel right now, but do ya think it would have showed up if i was?
Can't help - as Im in the same boat - really thought I might be but got a BFN :( ....altho I have read on here that some people didnt get BFPs until they were 4 days late so there is still hope for you I think :pray:
Do you know how many dpo's you are? Hopefully just too early :hug:
Hopefully its just to early to tell, give your body time and hopefully next time you test you'll both get a BFP! :D :wink:
Just did the same - V silly, as I'm 11dpo at most but I just couldn't wait! Now I feel as though I'm definitely not :( - I should have waited!!

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope it's just too early xx
I don't know why we do this to ourselfs....lol
We know its crazy and even if we were pregnant chances are it wouldn't show anyway.
I bet if a person who never had any problems TTC came in here and read the TTC board she would think we were all stark raving mad.....lol

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