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Apr 12, 2005
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HI Girls, I need a ickle bit of advice?

am due af today, did a test and got a bfn. Although i have af like symptoms (mood swings, spots, sore breasts) Could these also be pg syptoms too????????

I`m probably clutching at straws but when youve never been pg before and soooooo want to be i think my mind is playing tricks on me (or more like me wanting to feel all these pg symptoms your supossed too!)

I`m driving myself completly bonkers over tho whole thing!!

Any advice would help me immensly
Luv Kylie X
dont worry kylie if you were only due on today then you may have tested a bit early, wait a couple days and test again if af hasnt come!!

Best of luck, fingers crossed for you

steph x x
Hiya Kylie

Its certainly not impossible for you to be pregnant after a negative HPT. ...If you had late implantation it could still be too early for you to have detectable amounts of HCG in your urine.

My first very faint positive HPT (Using a Predictor test) was 15/16 days after conception...when many women will have a positive HPT as early as 9 Days after conception.

Wait a few days and test again...I hope you get your BFP!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
thanks girls,
Ididnt know all that!! and i have proberley read every book going!!
No af yet, so if i can resist the temptation to wait a couple more days to do a hpt.

Thanks again
Kylie X

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